How Many Percent of the Children Are Playing Video Games?

Today we are going to make a short analysis about the negative effects of the video games to the children. When we look at the statistics the %91 of the children are playing video games and correspondingly to this situation some of the effects that are not demanded can be emerged. Let’s look at this situation more specifically. What do you think about the effects of the developing of the technology and what are your ideas about the children and teenagers and how do the video games affect them?  In accordance with the recent researches, the addictiveness of the video games and the internet for the children and the teenagers has been increasing progressively. At that point, the pediatrists expressing their ideas about the danger of the excessive exposition of the children to the video games, and they are giving suggestions to the possible situations that can be emerged by the results of that problem. Through the whole world, it is possible to see the negative effects of the video games; but in what ways do the video games affect the children and teenagers and what can be the possible solutions of this problem? In this paper we will analyze and give some specific information about the problem of the exposure of the children and teenagers to the video games.

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First of all when it is looked at the whole world, it is possible to see the rapid development of the technology. Correspondingly to this situation, in the field of the internet and the video games there are lots of the innovations, and each day a new improvement are being added those fields and it can be possible to say that in the future there will be lots of the dramatic changes in that fields. The video games are in our lives like all of the other technological devices like television or radio. At that point, in their Video Games and Children: Effects on Leisure Activities, Schoolwork, and Peer Involvement, it is possible to see the expressions of Gary L. Creasey and Barbara J. Myers:

Video games have joined other mass media in making a claim on children’s time and attention. The games are available in arcades, grocery stores, shopping centers and for millions of the children, their own homes.(251)


From the quotation it can be understood that people can find the video games in an easy way and it is possible to find them in everywhere and from that point we can infer that the video games are no longer become a part of the people’s daily lives, they can find them in the stores like the people are searching their basic needs.

Like the other mass media, there are lots of the different effects of the video games to the children and the teenager and as a result of the exposure to those video games, undesirable results can be emerged. In order to keep the children and the teenager under the control, in the different regions of the world the governments are taking several strict prohibitions. On the other hand, it can be possible that the bad results will be inevitable. In spite of the prohibitions that are done by the governments, the number of the video games that are sold in the market and the ratio of their sales have been increasing day by day.

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