How Many People Are Visiting the City of Izmir, Turkey Each Year?

In the world there are thousands of the different cities and some of those cities are very beautiful and on the other hand there are lots of the cities that are not so beautiful like the others. Then what is your idea about the different cities of the world? What is the most beautiful city in the world? The answer of those questions can be change from person to person because almost all of the people are different from each other and they have different interests and because of this reason their favorite cities are changed. There are some cities that are important from the point of the history and on the other hand there are some cities that are naturally beautiful but the beauties of the different cities are changed. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the city of Izmir of the beautiful country of Turkey. When we ask people what are their thoughts about the country of Turkey we are getting the answer of Istanbul because it is the biggest and the most beautiful city of Turkey and because of this reason in the different regions of the world people know only Istanbul along the cities in Turkey but on the other hand there are lots of the different and very beautiful cities of Turkey. At that point the city of Izmir is one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey, now we are going to give some information about the history and natural beauties of the city.


The History and the Natural Beauties of Izmir

when we look at the history of the Izmir we can base the roots of the city to the old Greek, it is one of the most significant cities in old Greece and its original name is Smyrna. The civilizations that ruled the city are different and they are Roman, Byzantium, Ottoman and finally Turkish Republic. Now the city is under the rule of Turkish Republic.


The city is founded in the west side of the Turkey and today the population of the city is approximately 5 million and it seems that in the future this number will be increased. There are lots of the different beauties in Izmir, first of all the line of the Kordon is the most popular place of the city, in that place there are lots of restaurants cafes and other places and it can be easily said that it is the most beautiful place of Izmir. On the other hand when you go to the city, it is possible to see that there are lots of different historical buildings at that point the building of the “Elevator” is one of the most important historical buildings in the city. When you go to the building it is possible to see the most beautiful places of the city from the high building. Finally, each year approximately 1 million tourists are coming to visit the city.


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