How Many People Are There On Australia Continent?

How Many People Are There On Australia Continent?


Australia is one of the seven continents of the world and this continent is famous for rare animals. Most of these animals only live on this continent. There are some other animals who brought to these lands by man and began to live here as well. It is one of the best touristic places as well. But have you ever wondered how many people live on this continent? If so, you are in the right place since we are going to provide you this information in this article. But before providing this answer, let us provide you some interesting facts about this continent. We bet you will be really surprised.


It is the second continent which has the smallest land and the continent well-known with the kangaroos living in there. The amount of these animals are more than the people living in here. The name of the continent is derived from the Latin australis word which means South. These lands have the most reptiles when compared the other parts of the world. There are more than 750 different types. More than the eighty percent of the population lives at least 100 kilometers away from the ocean. Melbourne is one of the most popular cities on the continent and its former name was Batmania.


One of the prime ministers of Australia went to the shore to swim in 1967 however he never returned. It is not possible to leave the land without ships in those times. His name was not on the list of any ships and sadly, his dead body could not be found too. There is a political party with the name of Sex Party in Australia. It seems like they have core supporters. Kangaroo meat which contains only one or two percent of fat is offered to guests in this continent. It is also possible to find the meat in supermarkets and restaurants. Those who have tasted them before will know how delicious it is.


There were no rabbits on the continent in the past. However, the man brought 24 rabbits to here in 1859. It took only a decade for the rabbits to reach 2 million population. In case you have problems with your bulb in your house, you are not allowed to change it on your own. Legally, the only authorized people to change bulbs in the continent is the licensed electrical technicians. Many people believe that camels are abundant in Arabic countries. However, the amount of the camels are much more in Australia when compared to the total amount of camels in the world. Thus, they export camels to many Arab countries.


Moreover, two third of the continent is desert! Now let’s provide the answer that you were looking for. The total amount of the people living on this continent is about 24 million. However, they receive more than their population as a tourist in a year. In case you like the nature and wildlife, then you must pay a visit to this beautiful continent in your lifetime.

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