How many people are living in United States of America?

United States’ surface area is totally 9.83 million km2. It’s one of the biggest countries in the world. Also population over surface is very crowded. United States is also third largest country in the world by population. How many people are living in United States?

There’s only one city of United States is over 5 million. It’s New York. City population is 8,175,133 exactly in last census. But New York is not the biggest area owner city in United States.

The city with biggest area is Anchorage in Alaska. But it’s population is only 291,826 and lots of people are migrating every year from Anchorage.

Los Angeles is the second most crowded city in United States. Population in Los Angeles is over 3 million and land area is 468.7 square miles.

There are lots of cities of low population density in United States. Some of them are Norman- Oklahoma, Augusta- Georgia and Chesapeake- Virginia.

Also there are high population density cities like San Francisco, Jersey City and Cambridge. Important cities like Sacramento, Denver, Cincinnati and Honolulu have average population density.

Americans are mostly living in cities. Migration is taught as a main problem in America on 2000s. But last census showed that migration is nearly stopped at big cities. But some cities are still taking high migration. Philadelphia and Phoenix cities are most migration taker cities. There are lots of critics about United States population density to area in country’s media.

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