How Many Passengers Can an Airbus A380 carry?


When we look at the history of transportation we can see that the most popular fast and trustful means of transportation type is plane. Each year billions of people are traveling by plane and it is very easy to go from one place to go another place by using the plane because it is very fast. In an hour it can take about 800 km and when we compare it to the other kinds of transportation it is the fastest one between the others and because of this it is chosen billions of the people in each year as a means of transportation.Airbus_A380_blue_sky

. In our modern world there are lots of plane companies and producers. People are choosing the best comfortable companies and as a result of this situation the producers have to produce much more comfortable planes. On this point there are lots of airplanes and we are going to short look to the model of A380 of the company of Airbus. Let’s look at the short view to the airplane of A380 of Airbus.



The number of Passengers that Airbus A380 Can Carry.


When we look at the whole world, it can be said that Airbus A380 is the biggest airplane in the world today. From the point of its body and capacity of passengers it is a huge product. When we look at the capacity of it we see that, an Airbus A380 can carry 850 passengers. It has two floors and the passengers pass the upper floor with the help of the steps inside the airplane. When we look at the production and the history of the Airbus A380 we see that it realizes its first flight in the year of 2007 in the country of France. And then, after that time most of the airline companies start to buy this new model because of the fact that its high capacity of passengers, its comfort and lots of features of it. The main point of the development of that airplane is first economy and on the other hand the increasing of the globalization because each day lots of people have to travel to another place that they can not go by car and as a result of this people are using airplanes like this. According to the experts, this aircraft is much more economic than the other aircrafts in the ratio of %15 because its being a huge aircraft result in the less payments to the cruise of the cabin and pilots and other workers who are preparing the aircraft to the flying. It can be said that this is another reason of the widespread using of the Airbus A380. Most probably in the future the experts will develop the design and other features of the aircraft with the help of the rapid developing of the technology that are available in our modern world. In future the number of the passengers that are traveling all around the world will be increased in this way.

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