How many new features of Iphone 5 are there?

Iphone 5 is officially announced in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. There were lots of lacks about new concept, new technical specs and more but it was very important to announce it officially because there were various delay rumors because of lacks. Tim Cook made the announcement and first impressions showed that Apple answered lots of requests but not all of them. Apple surprised its fans by price first of all. 199$ price for 16GB is lower that all expectations. How many new features of Iphone 5 are there?

Some experts believe that Iphone 5 is released earlier than expected because Iphone 4s dramatically raising design and hardware faults started to be a giant problem. Faulty antenna design is first thing Apple fixed on Iphone 5.
Apple also made a design revolution with 7.6mm thick and 112 grams Iphone 5.It’s the thinnest smartphone ever. Also Apple first time changed the material used in different colors. White Iphone 5 has raw aluminium back plate and Iphone 5 black has an anodised black finish.
Apple changed Iphone series’ screen size for the first time. It’s not 4’’ widescreen. Apple engineers worked for most comfortable fit to hand and it’s successful. Also watching movies is more comfortable than previous models. Screen also giving 1136 x 640 resolution and it’s very close to 16:9 but not the best resolution in the market. Screen is offering 44% better hue and saturation.

Iphone 5 comes with a new processor. It’s A6. It’s 2 times faster than Iphone 4s. Also some new technological developments on processor are offering more battery life and faster software openings. But there’s also some legal problems with Samsung so there can be changes on core number.

What Iphone 5 is not offering something new is capacity. It’s again 16, 32 and 64 GB. There were high rumors about 128 and 256 GB but it’s not possible now. Expectations about cloud system have also failed because Apple hasn’t announced anything about it.
Another thing that Iphone 5 is not offering something new is battery life. Iphone 4s was offering 200 hours of standby and it’s 225 hours on Iphone 5. Some hints from announcement showed that Apple worked on extending battery life but it’s not a big deal.
Software version of Iphone 5 is IOS 6. But Iphone 4s will also take same update. Announcement didn’t give detailed info about Siri and Iphone 5’s new Siri developments but experts believe that Iphone 5 will be best integrated phone for Siri.
Iphone 5 answers the expectations on camera and video recording. A good lens and software developments like panorama mode is very important. It’s possible to shot a 28 megapixel image with 360-degree shot. Also Iphone 5 offers share photo service and it will be a rival for Instagram.
Iphone 5’s main visual style is also perfect. It’s giving the premium feel at first touch. But according to business stylists, Iphone 5 is harder to carry and use than Iphone 4 and other smartphones and it’s now out of it’s charismatically concept for a more colorful and technologically compete version.
Iphone 5 also didn’t answer to expectations of big dreamers. It’s possible to see lots of new fictional features of Iphone 5 like hologram in internet videos but it’s not possible now. Also some rumors about resolution like 2148×1024 is not possible now. But it’s a truth that Apple has something more on his hand than he showed always and commercial strategies are also important to be the biggest company in the technological area.

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