How Many Different Newspapers are there in the world Today?

After the invention of the script people have been writing to each other and in order to make the communication between them they have to do this. On this point it can be easily said that script is one of the most important communication tools in the world. From the long history people have been using it in their lives. As we said before the communication in the communities are very important we can see this importance not only in the past years but also in the modern years of the world. 




On this point today we are going to make a short analysis about the newspaper and their importance because of the people. When we look at that what the newspaper is we can say that newspaper is a tool that has lots of goals. It can be said that its first and maybe one of the most important goal is to inform people about the events that are current and we can see that other goals of the newspaper besides this goal. In a newspaper we can see the reading parts that are related to the world or technology and on the other hand again we can see that parts that are puzzle or the plays about the words and finally we can see there are lots of different advertisements in newspapers. More generally the costs of the newspapers are very cheap and the replication and the distribution of the newspapers are very easy and cheap. In the history we can see the people who work with newspaper and they find lots of solution about the distribution of the newspapers. Now we are going to look the history of the newspapers.



The History of Newspaper


When we look at the first newspaper we can see that in the empire of Roman B.C 59 the first newspaper is published and its name is Acta Diurna. When it is first published the number of the publishing is 2000 and it is distributed to the different regions of the Empire. It is about the events that are in the Roman Empire like the wars, political developments, the events about the community and society, and the gladiator wars. On that time there are not so many people in the empire that can read and because of this reason they are reading the newspaper in a loud way and the people who can not read are listening to them in order to understand them and in order to know about the news that are in the empire. After that time to our modern era the newspapers are available in our daily life. When we look at the whole world today we can see that there are up to 6000 daily newspapers in the whole world and these newspapers are being distributed lots of the different regions of the world. When we think about from the general point, we can say that in the future there will be much more different newspapers will be emerged because of the demand of the people for the newspapers.


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