How many differences are there between Pepsi and Coca Cola?

Coca Cola is found by Eagle Drug and Chemical Company in 19th century. John Pemberton was the founder of beverage and called it as coke wine. According to researches, he is inspired from Vin Mariani which was a popular coke wine in Europe. Pepsi is created in 1893 and firstly introduced as Brad’s Drink. Its name was Pepsi-Cola till 1961 and then company gave the drink its last name as Pepsi. Today Coca Cola and Pepsi is the two sharers of Coke market. There are millions of Coca Cola fans and also Pepsi fans. How many differences are there between Pepsi and Coca Cola?

First and visual difference between Coca Cola and Pepsi is their color. While Coca Cola’s trademark color is red, Pepsi uses blue color. Also Coca Cola’s liquid color is very close to red while Pepsi’s one is very close to blue. Companies haven’t changed their color style till 1970s.
Another difference between Coca Cola and Pepsi is in taste. It’s a controversial topic in social life but according to researches Pepsi is some sweater than Coca Cola
. Pepsi and Coca Cola are using different types of artificial sweeteners and it’s giving this different taste variations. According to Coca Cola fans, Coca Cola will leave a very mild and light taste on the on the tongue but Pepsi leaves a sweaty taste. Ingredients comparison shows that Pepsi has some sweetener chemical that leaves a taste after drinking but Coca Cola doesn’t use such chemicals. Coca Cola Company’s main target is leaving a coke taste in mouth while Pepsi Cola’s target is leaving a fruity taste.

The carbonation levels are another difference between products. Coca Cola has a higher carbonation level than Pepsi. It’s a well-known truth that Coca Cola leaves the strong “fizzy effect” after first taste that will burn your throat some but it’s less in Pepsi. It’s possible to see this “fizzy effect” by shaking the bottle after opened it that Coca Cola will go bubbles. “Fizzy effect” in Pepsi shows itself when Pepsi went to throat only. This difference is making Coca Cola smoother.
Ingredients are also different on two products. Today some ingredients of two products are hidden and companies have right it with court decisions. But it’s possible to compare them with their first product ingredients. Today no one ones if Coca Cola is still using Cocaine in their product’s ingredient but in its first release, it was possible to see some cocaine in it. Today written Pepsi ingredients are fructose corn syrup, natural flavors, citric acid, colorings and water. Coca is also using same ingredients in the written label.
Brand labels and logo change history also differs Coca Cola and Pepsi. Coca Cola made little changes on its logo. It’s possible to see most of the changes come for font used on bottle. Nearly 1 times on 10 years, Coca Cola uses a more modern font according to technological developments. On the other hand, Pepsi changed its logo and brand names for several times. Also Pepsi name has changed from Brad’s Drink to Pepsi-Cola and then Pepsi. Now Pepsi claims that changes on label and logo made important impact on society and took the attention of people to Pepsi always. But popular ad experts didn’t agree with it. According to research, after each logo or other change in Pepsi, people think if the taste is changed also completely or not.
Today Coca Cola is the leader of Coke market in the world. Pepsi is also working to take more market share especially in United States.

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