How many countries won the Eurovision Song Contest ?

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) of each year among the countries of the European song contest organized by the world's most famous and long term. Eurovision adventure began in 1956, was born in San Remo Song Festival.  theater in the city of Lugano, Switzerland, May 24, 1956, the first night, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Italy.
The main purpose of making the Eurovision Song Contest national television to improve the quality of execution and the ability to live a joint issue.
In Ireland, the first full seven times so far the country's highest-paid fifth winner of the host country .En the UK. Fully hosted eight times. According to the Eurovision Song Contest EBU estimates are reviewed annually by an average of 400 to 600 million viewers each year and that number is increasing. The majority of countries each year to select a song to send to Eurovision is organizing a national competition, and the song refers to a popular vote to determine. However, some countries prefer to order directly from the artist by selecting the composition.
Televote, introduced in 1997 and the first time since2003, a rule that is mandatory for all countries participating in the contest. For participation in 2004 was higher than in previous years, May 12, including a semi-final and final on May 15, the Eurovision Song Contest was held for the first time in two steps.

Even if they are in Europe, the

Eurovision Song Contest in the United States, Australia, South Korea, India, Hong Kong, Canada, Egypt, Jordan and New Zealand wasreleased.
What is traditionally organized by the European Broadcasting Union, Eurovision Song Contest songs to current 59 (59) for second place.
Competition with a score of 18 for the first time in 1969, four countries (Spain, Holland, France and UK) shared first place. To date, twenty-five (25) ahead of the competition in different countries. First in 2008, Russia was the country most recently added to the winning countries. In the first competition held in Switzerland in 1956, Switzerland has won a host. Ireland, the seven-time winner of the contest was the country by achieving the highest paid. Johnny Logan for Ireland three times, entering the contest, the contest was the only person who has obtained more than one winner. The most important place in the competition between those that shine with the first class, the competition for Sweden in 1974, “Waterloo” ABBA song grubudur.Eurovision who participated and won first place at the lowest note high in 2006, has participated for Finland Lordi group received 292 points. Solo artists competing on behalf of 387 points in the year 2009 winner Alexander Rybak Norway, while the highest score of 2010, the singer song contest winner 55.Eurovisiyon held in Oslo, Norway 28 years waiting for this joy with the song at the top by Germany Lena Meyer Landrut. The winners of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 Azerbaijan became ell and Nikki …