How many countries produce largely the nuclear energy?

Do you have any knowledge about the countries that produce the nuclear energy? Or how much information do you have about its advantages or disadvantages? Every human being needs for energy to maintain their lives. Hence, they take this necessary energy from outside or produce by themselves.


Similarly, every country needs for energy and tries to find some ways to achieve it. And, there are so many ways to produce it. While some of these ways provide high energy, they have some disadvantages for environment and the ones that have advantages produce less energy. Today, it is apparent that nuclear energy is one of the most popular ones. Basically, nuclear stations are the areas that produce electricity by using radioactive materials. There is a huge energy emerges with the breakup of the atoms. As all we know, there are too many nuclear power stations all over the world. Many countries have never given up using the nuclear energy although it has some risks and disadvantages. At this point, there have been a big rivalry between countries for years and still exists commonly. First of all, America is the first country that produces the nuclear energy and there are also 14 countries such as Germany, Brazil and Bulgaria. We can see the countries according to their rate of the nuclear energy production on the list. 


  1. America
  2. Germany
  3. Brazil
  4. Bulgaria
  5. The Czech Republic
  6. China
  7. France
  8. India
  9. England
  10. Spain
  11. Japan
  12. South Korea
  13. Rumania
  14. Russia
  15. Ukraine

Lately, it is said that some countries will give up using it, but it isn’t completely true since their actual aims aren’t like that. All nuclear power plants are used just for 30-40 years. For instance, the power stations that have been built 1960s should be rebuilt in 2000s. So, these countries intend to build new stations instead of giving up. There some claims about its bad affects for environment. We can show the explosion of a nuclear station in Fukushima, Japan as an example. This event has had so many risks in that time for the people. Besides, a coal power station that consumes 2.500.000 ton coal with the power of 1.000 MW spreads too many harmful materials. As conscious individuals, we should find the best ways that don’t harm for nature and people to produce energy. To protect the environment that was polluted by many factors should be our aim in this context. When we look at its advantages, there are also logical reasons to use the nuclear energy. Actually, if the nuclear power stations are used properly and carefully, they are the best ways that don’t harm for nature and provide much energy. In other words, it is a harmless method for energy provided that the people use it fairly and carefully. Therefore, people should really use them consciously; otherwise there will be many risks for many aspects. Lastly, it is possible to say that it can be good idea to look at from this perceptive for the nuclear energies.


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