How Many Countries are there in United Kingdom?

A short view to United Kingdom

United Kingdom is also known as Great Britain and North Ireland United Kingdom. It is the country on the west of the Europe from the point of geography it is takes place on the whole island of Britain, north side of Ireland Island and in some other islands in the Britain is the parts of the country of the United Kingdom.physica_map_of_great_britain (1)


The name of the country is known as the Great Britain not only in the inside of the country but also in the other countries in the world. The founder country of the Great Britain, England is also called as the Great Britain in the most different parts of the world. The official introduction to the country’s citizens is British and their official language is English. With the using of British, the word of English also used in lots of the world countries for the people who are living in there. There are four countries in United Kingdom. These countries are Wales, England, Scotland and North Ireland. These countries except for north Ireland are take place in Great Britain Island. Apart from these countries, there are lots of small islands in other parts of the country. Wight Island, Lundy Island, Scilly Island, Anglesey Islands, Hebrid Islands, Ornkey Islands and Shetland Islands are some of the greatest islands from those islands and as we said before there are lots of other small islands in the country. When we look at the history of the United Kingdom, we see that the first community that forms the country is Celts. Between the years of B.C 55 and A.D 410 the islands of Britain is connected to Roman Empire and its name is Britannia State. On the fifth century, the region is under the effect of Christianity and in same year as very great community who are the Germen community enters the island and their name isAnglo-Saxons.


Great Britain


And then between the years of 1066 and 1154 as being another germen community, Normans get the country to their hands. English people are coming from behind of them when we look at their histories. Scottish people, Wales people and Ireland people are the communities of Celts people. As being an old ruler of the country VII. Edward is the first emperor who quit from the kingdom for only his own wish. When we look at the modern Great Britain we can see that and we can say that it is the wealthiest countries in the world. After the World War 1 and World War 2 the country has lots of exploitation countries and there are lots of countries that are under the rule of the Great Britain and we can say that the wealthy of the Great Britain is coming from those countries especially African countries. And it is so popular country that lots of people from the different parts of the world want to come this country and millions of tourists from the different regions of the world are coming to see the country.


Great Britain & Eire-Part Deux

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