How many cities are banning to use plastic bags?

Plastic bags are the real killer of nature. They kill the wildlife and hard to recycle them in nature. %90 of plastic bags in US today is stamping as unrecyclable. So cities are started to ban the usage of plastic bags.  How Many Cities are banning Plastic Bags?

Every year, over 1 trillion plastic bags are using by people. They are carcinogen and a huge part of them is unrecyclable. 380 million of them are in the US and problem is rising every year.

People are using plastic bags to carry things to home. Especially carrying food with plastic bags is a real cause of illnesses and cancer. So cities are started to ban usage of plastic bags.

First step was California. Especially San Francisco shops are banned to use plastic bags. In five years, all shops will be banned. It’s also possible to see same ban in Portland.

England where 13 billion plastic bags are using every year made the second step. Ban started on Modbury and now government is trying to make London plastic-bag free city.

Mexico was the surprising country banning the plastic bags. Ban started on Mexico City and in four years there will be no usage of plastic bags in big cities.

Delhi and Mumbai have the ban but they need time to save people from plastic bags effectively. Australia also banned plastic bags. Ban started on Sydney’s Oyster Bay and then Twelve towns are banned usage of plastic bags. There are also countries using tax fee for plastic bags like Switzerland.

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