How Many Calories Are There In One Cup Goji Berries?

How Many Calories Are There In One Cup Goji Berries?


Today, we are going to share the calorie values of goji berries. But before we share this information with you, let us provide you some detailed information about this great fruit. Goji berries are also known as wolfberries and they can be consumed raw. These fruits may be in orange or red color and it has a very sharp taste. They are quite beneficial for the human health and they have a high nutrition value. One of the main reasons why these berries are very popular and beneficial to human health is the fact that they have plenty of vitamin, minerals, and antioxidants in them.

Benefits of Goji Berries


Goji berries are commonly cultivated in China and they are used as a cure for many diseases since the ancient times. These fruits began to be popular in all around the world in recent decades. But in fact, this fruit was very popular in Asian countries for many centuries. This fruit includes indispensable nutrients and in addition to these, it is known that it boosts the immune system. Moreover, they are beneficial for some other organs such as liver, eye, and kidneys. These fruits also prevent cancer. One of the most important properties of these fruits is the fact that they can prevent cancer. Goji berry can inhibit the damage provided by the free radicals and when you consume them regularly, they can help you to reduce your cancer risk.


Cardiovascular support is one of the other benefits of these fruits. Those who consume these fruits regularly can provide effective protection against cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, it also balances the cholesterol levels in your blood. Since these fruits contain high amounts of fiber, it is beneficial for the cardiovascular health by keeping things in check. You will not believe this but these fruits are also beneficial for you to clean your blood. Thus it will boost blood circulation and prevent plaques and clog in your veins.

Harmful Effect of Goji Berries


Diabetes patients use certain doses of medicine in order to keep their blood sugar levels under control. It is known that goji berries affect the pancreas function and insulin secretion. Those people who use diabetes drugs should avoid goji berry consumption. Moreover, if you will eat too much goji berries, this will affect your blood pressure levels in a negative way and may lead to hypertension in people.


Now let’s talk about the facts about these fruits. One cup of goji berry fruit includes 360 calories. Moreover, it has 80 grams carbs, 16 grams dietary fiber, 48 grams sugar, and 16 grams protein. It is safe to consume this fruit in reasonable amounts and in case you do not use any diabetes drugs. You can also take the advantage of this fruit for decoration purposes. You can decorate your desserts with this beautiful and tasty fruit. Just be sure that you will not include too many berries on your desserts since it has a very sharp taste. Thus, it may ruin your dessert joy by only providing the taste of these fruits.

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