How many astronauts walked on the Moon surface?

Moon discovery started in 50s and first man on moon was Neil Armstrong. It was July 21, 1969 and Buzz Aldrin was on the first step to walk on Moon but Neil Armstrong act quickly and became the first man walked on moon. It opened a door to new era for humanity. But moon walking didn’t stop after this shuttle. Astronauts mostly went to moon on Apollo program. Some of the Apollo flights landed in wrong places and astronauts saw lots of problems but there were also very successful landings and walks. How many astronauts walked on the Moon surface?

12 astronauts walked on the Moon surface. It was July 21, 1969 and space shuttle was Apollo 11. They send high quality images to world and live coverage on moon landing was possible. It’s still a controversial topic that first moon landing and walk was a hoax or not. Some scientists believe that it was a hoax and there are some hints on video that support their claim. But none of the astronauts or NASA workers confirmed that claims. NASA claims that problems on video are coming from live conversion of coverage to TV stations.
The Apollo 12 went to Moon soon after Apollo 11. It was 19th and 20th of November 1969 and astronauts were Alan Bean and Pete Conrad. It was one of the most dangerous Moon missions because in the date of launch, weather was full of lightning strikes. When they launched, a strike hit the shuttle and electricity went out with guidance system but then shortly it came back. Apollo 12 left little video footage from Moon walking.

Apollo 14 landed on Moon in February 9th 1971. Space shuttle was carrying Edgar Mitchell and Alan B. Shepard. It was planned as a two day stay by NASA. Astronauts landed on the Fra Mauro formation in Moon and it was a dream for all Apollo shuttles to land there. Astronauts collected moon rock. Also this land became successful after videos showed that astronauts created a golf club in Moon and played Golf. Astronauts stayed in Moon for 33 hours. It’s still possible to see command module of Apollo 14 that landed to Moon in Kennedy Space Center.
Apollo 15 landed on Moon in July 31, 1971. It was carrying James Irwin and David Scott who walked on the Moon for three days. It was also first time that Lunar Roving Vehicle is used on Moon. It was the first mission that Moon landing wasn’t planned to land on flat space but inside the mountains. After lots of controversies, NASA decided to do apply this plan. Also astronauts made lots of important researches with tools like gamma ray spectrometer and mass spectrometer. NASA confirmed the shuttle as the most successful Moon mission but incidents like Apollo 15 postage stamp created some problems.

Apollo 16 was one of the hardest Moon missions because of its landing place. Main target was highlands of Moon. Astronauts Charles Duke and John Young walked on the moon in this mission. Mission faced some problems and it was almost aborted. Astronauts stayed in Moon for 71 hours. Also they collected rocks from volcanic platform and these samples changed lots of old beliefs about Moon’s creation. Works of Apollo 16 is used on creation of Google Moon software.
Last walk on the Moon was in December 11th 1972. Astronauts Harrison Schmidt and Eugene Cernan of Apollo 17 walked on Moon and they used some special scientific instruments. They landed on Taurus-Littrow valley. No man walked on Moon after 1972.

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