How Many Airlines Companies Are There in The World?

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The Airline Transportation in Last Decades

As we know airline transportation is the carrying of people or transportation goods. And in last three decades, this type of transportation especially in the field of carrying goods, have developed to much extend. With the rapid spreading industry of cargo, the need for rapid transformation is increased and as a result of this in a similar way the airplane transportation is increased to much extend. In our lives, it can be easily seen the helps of rapid transportation and it is beneficial for almost all people. It makes our lives easy, for example when a person wants to send a box to his or her relative, friend etc. he or she can give it to a airline transportation company and at least in 24 hour that box will be reached the target. When it is thought from the point of people who are in hurry, it is very effective way to send their goods to the target. 

Again, when we think about our modern era, buying things from the internet is very widespread, when it is compared twenty years ago the internet market have developed to much extend and every day lots of the people are buying things from the internet, as a result for the internet market it is very necessary to send their goods in short time to their costumers and in this point airline transportation companies are helping internet market companies to reach their goods to the costumers in short time. On the other hand when we think about public transportation in air, we see that airline companies for the transportation of human have been increasing too much in last decades. Lots of people using air way in order to travel and it is easy and cheap when it is compared with twenty years ago. The development in both airline good transportation and people transportation has increased too much and in future these possibilities that are related to them will be again increased to much extend.

The Number of Airline Companies in the World.

According to the researches that are made recently, the number of airline companies in the world are about 70. These airline companies carrying millions of people and lots of goods every year. When we look at the biggest airline companies in this list, at the beginning of the list we can see the “Delta Airlines” with about 161.047 millions of passengers in a year. After “Delta Airlines” “Southwest Airlines” is the second airway company with 106.307 passengers in a year. When we look at the raising airlines from the point of popularity, we can say that one of them is “Turkish Airlines” the company became a “Star Alliance” member five years ago and it is increasing its passengers to much extend day by day. On the other hand, the company is giving advertisements to much extend and they are being sponsored to great football teams such as Barcelona. In future those airline companies will develop themselves and it will be easier to reach whatever people want and whenever they want to go.


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