How Many Religions Are There in the World

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How Many Religions Are There in the World

There are 20 major religions that we listed. The exact number is more than we listed because there are a lot of beliefs and religions all around the world.

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Major Religions Chart

Religion Date Founded Sacred Texts Membership
Christianity 30 CE The Bible 2,039 million
Islam 622 CE Qur’an & Hadith 1,570 million
Hinduism 1500 BCE with truly ancient roots Bhagavad-Gita,
Upanishads, & Rig Veda
950 million
No religion - None 775 million
Chinese folk religion 270 BCE None 390 million
Buddhism 523 BCE The Tripitaka 350 – 1,600 million
Tribal Religions,
Prehistory Oral tradition 232 million
Atheists No date None 150 million
New religions. Various Various 103 million
Sikhism 1500 CE Guru Granth Sahib 23.8 million
Judaism Note 3 Torah, Tanach, & Talmud 14.5 million
Spiritism 12.6 million
Baha’i Faith 1863 CE Alkitab Alaqdas 7.4 million
Confucianism 520 BCE Lun Yu 6.3 million
Jainism 570 BCE Siddhanta, Pakrit 4.3 million
Zoroastrianism 600 to 6000 BCE Avesta 2.7 million
Shinto 500 CE Kojiki, Nohon Shoki 2.7 million
Taoism Note 4 550 BCE Tao-te-Ching 2.7 million
Other Various Various 1.1 million
Wicca Note 5 800 BCE, 1940 CE None 0.5 million?

Source : religious tolerance

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  2. Nonbeliever says:

    Does no-one understand that given that there are more than 1, none of these stand any grounds as a true theory or even accounts of the same story?

    Please open your eyes everyone. Simply read. Expand your mind, everything that can be seen around you can be explained by natural laws. All those still unknown are worked at diligently and scrutinized immensely in order to figure out what it really is.

    Science and technology are all around us, every single thing you do is governed by a bunch of scientists and technicians. Cars, tvs, radio, WWW, the internet, mobiles, satillete, GPS,space ships, microwaves, kettles, roads, bikes, clothes (mass production), oil, petrol, fillings in your teeth, the dentists tools to do so, the reason you are here (medical science, doctors using equipment to bring you into this world) – ask yourself, are any of these done by a celestial being?

    The answer is no…..

    The only way forward is a concerned, dedicated effort in transforming this world into a technological and sustainable haven. No ideology will ever bring us to this, ever.

    Become enlightened, look up to the stars and actually wonder.
    Turn on a light, and imagine the history behind that invention.
    Pick up and drop a ball, imagine the invisible force pulling this to the ground.

    “The Universe is more grand than the confines of any one book.” – NDG

    • pseudonym says:

      Hey just wanted to say that, you believe what you have written, and what you have read, or saw, as you said the world around you, let those believe what they have read and seen. Science has nothing to do with it, nor religion. We as a species are the curious type. Yes, science has lead us this far, but understand we are also a species of greed, hatred, and like any other life form on earth….very terrortorial. Religion is what keeps us contained, keeps mankind fearful. Without it, sin, evil, whatever you wish to call it would run over this earth. Like every law or formula we use in science and math, mankind, and life needs one as well. You and others need to understand that it’s not all “ok god created everything.” Its finding who we are, what we are capable of, and where it can lead us. I agree to what you stated, but look at another’s view. Surely you have beliefs and laws that keep you from doing things, or allow you perform them, just like everyone else. It’s a base we set towards life, rules, and lessons. And to argue your statement, man has done all that within just less than 100 yrs, we have been doing this for more than hundreds of thousands of years without the use of technology, and we are an adapting species. You in your prime time in the age of technology feel and believe that today is the answer, your wrong. Tell me…. have you seen the invisible force ever pull down on a ball, I haven’t, but science tells us, and through that I do believe in it and through you that is what you “belief.” We have and will always look up at the stars and wondered, that’s how we have what we see, read, and listen to. I think you are the one that needs to open its mind, like Galileo opened his to tell the Church, earth revolves around the sun, like the Church telling it’s wrong to kill another being. Where ever you go, whatever you say… it will always lead you to the same thing, and that is “?.” So let those and yourself believe what they like, you cannot enforce it, nor can you establish it. We are all different, and will have our own faiths and beliefs, whatever they might be, science or religion, because at the end, they both are the same, our beliefs!

      • GottaBeMe says:

        I really hope you don’t believe some of what you wrote there pseudonym. I hope you the only think holding you back from running amok and doing wrong isn’t religion and fear of retribution from some god. That would be a sad idea if it were true. What keeps us inline is our own innate sense of right and wrong and that of society that has been cultivated over thousands of years of human existence. Religions only co-op those those ideas, they didn’t make them up. They didn’t come from whatever supreme being of choice for you is. You are right we are an adaptive species and as we adapt and learn more about the world around us there is less and less need for any gods. Gods were made up by people to explain the world around them that they didn’t understand. Basically any god is just a placeholder for knowledge. When we didn’t know something, some god was given credit for it. When we figured something out, well a god wasn’t needed to explain that anymore and just moved on down the line. The place for any god will continue to become smaller and smaller. I’m not saying gods and religion will every totally go away. There will always be people that will hang on to those beliefs no matter what.

        • PK says:

          Actually, there is a bit of truth in everone’s statements. Anne Frank once stated in her famed diary: “Despite it all, I still believe that man is inherantly good at heart.”
          Unfortunately, that’s not true.
          I’m not trying to press my beliefs on anyone, but just think about it. We’re not this smart, higher species. We’re pretty stupid, actually. If you look back at history, our race is the only one that repeats it’s mistakes so reliably. All other species adopt micro-evolution, the process of evolving within their own species (such as different breeds of dogs), in order to survive. Mankind is dumb, to be frank.
          I know that Anne Frank must’ve said that wishing with all her heart it was true; the idea gave her hope.
          But deep down in the heart of every human being on the planet is the primal instinct to care for yourself and none other. Our science might make us look like the superior species here, but our roots trace back to selfishness.
          Notice, I’m not talking about Darwinism and macro-evolution (cross-evolving out of the genetic code of a species, like cross breeding.) and us coming from monkeys. Macro evolution doesn’t work. It doesn’t improve the design of an animal. For example, cross a donkey and a horse and you get a mule- an animal that has lost the ability to reproduce. The only thing macro-evolution does is take a step backwards. It’s not natural for a frog to turn into a bird and it never has been. Each species was created ready-made with it’s own unique genetic code. Which brings us full circle: there is no possible, rational, logical way that this perfectly balanced universe was created by accident, or a freak collision in space that sparked the first molecule that evolved into the first blob of slime that evolved into a fish, then a birdm then a mammal, and finally humans. The patterns in nature are so complex, it boggles the mind. The delecate structure of the world, each species depending on another, could not in any way have happened by accident.
          For the intelligent design, it is only the next logical step to assume that there was an intelligent designer.
          I could go into a whole other spiel about which god is this intelligent designer, but I won’t. I’ll simply say that I’ve found it the most rational to believe in the God of Christianity.
          I’m not forcing my beliefs on anybody, just putting in my two-cents worth.

        • PK says:

          Actually, there is a bit of truth in everone’s statements. Anne Frank once stated in her famed diary: “Despite it all, I still believe that man is inherantly good at heart.”
          Unfortunately, that’s not true.
          I’m not trying to press my beliefs on anyone, but just think about it. We’re not this smart, higher species. We’re pretty stupid, actually. If you look back at history, our race is the only one that repeats it’s mistakes so reliably. All other species adopt micro-evolution, the process of evolving within their own species (such as different breeds of dogs), in order to survive. Mankind is dumb, to be frank.
          I know that Anne Frank must’ve said that wishing with all her heart it was true; the idea gave her hope.
          But deep down in the heart of every human being on the planet is the primal instinct to care for yourself and none other. Our science might make us look like the superior species here, but our roots trace back to selfishness.
          Notice, I’m not talking about Darwinism and macro-evolution (cross-evolving out of the genetic code of a species, like cross breeding.) and us coming from monkeys. Macro evolution doesn’t work. It doesn’t improve the design of an animal. For example, cross a donkey and a horse and you get a mule- an animal that has lost the ability to reproduce. The only thing macro-evolution does is take a step backwards. It’s not natural for a frog to turn into a bird and it never has been. Each species was created ready-made with it’s own unique genetic code. Which brings us full circle: there is no possible, rational, logical way that this perfectly balanced universe was created by accident, or a freak collision in space that sparked the first molecule that evolved into the first blob of slime that evolved into a fish, then a birdm then a mammal, and finally humans. The patterns in nature are so complex, it boggles the mind. The delecate structure of the world, each species depending on another, could not in any way have happened by accident.
          For the intelligent design, it is only the next logical step to assume that there was an intelligent designer.
          I could go into a whole other spiel about which god is this intelligent designer, but I won’t. I’ll simply say that I’ve found it the most rational to believe in the God of Christianity.
          I’m not forcing my beliefs on anybody, just putting in my two-cents worth. :)

      • JTB says:

        Thank You. I am working on a paper and it deals with this topic. I couldnt figure out how to put my ideas on paper in an explainable way, but what you have posted is similar to what i wanted to say. I now can forulate my ideas better on paper after reading your post. Thank you, and God Bless.

      • Sunshine says:

        How could you say that religion keeps us fearful? That is such a lie…All that religion does is instill fear in people, “The fear of dying, the fear of going to hell. the fear of the devil, etc….why would anyone want to live in fear all of their lives? Fear from sin? Come on, we are all sinners from the moment we come into this cruel world because of people who are so closed minded and religious. Let nature takes it course because religion and God has nothing to do with our world, it is Science and nature….


        First off Anne Frank was a complete idiot! Second you jackasses have watched too much star trek. Third, so what if you need a God or someone else needs a science, your all needy of something. Stop being a bunch of idiots and help each other out! No one on this post can say with any amount of certainty or high probablity that they even have a soul or what happens after you die. All you can account for is what your tastes and preferences are in this moment and those are still bound to the confines of what all of us accept as this thing called reality/life/God given lives/objective reality/ perception based reality or whatever you want to call it! Everything loses it’s uniqueness after exposure over the course of a lifetime. ….merily, merily, merily life is but a dream…

    • secret kid says:

      you are saying that all these other religions have no proof but do you have proof that what you belive is the true religion? you belive that we just can about. but something would have had to do something to make us come about.

      • Joe says:

        Please go to Isaiah chapter 1 verse 15. Using process of elimination, this scripture should spark your interest. . It is obvious that the true religion does not spill blood or engage in warfare and they would have to be a world wide religion because Jesus said the good news would have to be preached throughout the entire earth first and then the end would come Matthew 24:14. Paul said they would be united 1 Corinthians Chapter 1: verse 10. If you would like to know who they are I would be happy to reveal them to you, there are over 7.5 million of us and on the average 750 a day are joining them. There are over 100,000 congregations world wide with more than 100 branches.

        • OK says:

          Old testament is filled up with blood and war… it tells you kill innocent people freely and the New testament comes from the same God .. Anyway its sick to see the level of propaganda and hypocritical in what the Bible really says and what Christians say. Anyway even when Jesus in the Bible didnt have an army or had no way to fight he still strangely say this.

          Matt 15:7-9 (Jesus says)You hypocrites! Isaiah was right …These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me..

          Luke 19 27 (Jesus says) But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.

          Matthew 10:34. “Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.
          35 “For I have come to ‘set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother….

          2 John 1:10
          Don’t associate with non-Christians. Don’t receive them into your house or even exchange greeting with them

          And the old testament .. Uffffffffffffffff unimaginable.

          • mpati says:

            if people are not going to believe in JESUS, like it or not they will look for him at last. they will cry after him for their souls. we can talk as much as we can, reasoning, debating and so forth……

            no matter what , you believe you don’t believe. THERE IS GOD. THERE IS SATAN. THERE IS A PLACE CALLED HELL AND HEAVEN. i repeat, you like it or not, believe it or not, at last some will be in torment forever some in happiness forever.

            your deeds or your words will be your joyfull life in HELL or in HEAVEN.


        • justin says:

          holy wars did happen holt men sent childern to die.

        • kaela says:

          its interesting how you can spot each other in a crowd :) god bless

    • Agnostic says:

      You couldn’t have said it any better. Religion is nothing more than an evolution of human thought. It is time to move on towards the next step. Religion holds us back from moving forward and solving the mysteries of the universe. I believe the main thing that keeps people from accepting religion as nothing more than various pieces of fictional literature is fear.

    • Tyler says:

      Hello, I’m a scientist yet i say that there is in fact a deity. the question is not if these are true, rather; which one of these are true. if i were you i would study the theologies of salvational atonement and exactly what drives the body of believers. I will not state what is truth, for one cannot be handed ideology and be expected to instantly represent. study not only one in its entirety, but them all. if there are any doubts to my accreditation, i would be happy to share my recent works via email.

      • Open mind says:

        Hi dear!
        If you are scientist, so you must have to known that science still never said their is on god. And you must have to belive any thing since you born

        • PleaseCheckHimOut says:

          i do believe that God exists. I ALSO BELIEVE IN SCIENCE. i believed on what science did to our earth how science improved our life, how science changed many things on this earth. i believe in creation, that creation was systematic, that the creation has science in it. I BELIEVE IN THIS THINGS AS OTHER ATHEIST DO, I BELIEVE IN SCIENCE, but what our difference is that i believe that THIS PROCESS THIS SYSTEMATIC PROCESS THE SCIENCE THE SCIENTIFIC LAWS ARE ALL BUT DONE BY AND WITH THE POWER OF GOD. i believe their is science in giving birth, i believe their is science in pregnancy, but i BELIEVE THAT GOD WAS BEHIND ALL THIS. Why cant science and religion coexists? why are people suddenly knowing such great knowledge suddenly forget God? SCIENCE CAN ATTAIN CREATING A FALSE HUMAN BODY, FLESH, man if i may be right are slowly getting into creating artificial body parts? BUT I AM SURE MAN MAY NEVER GIVE LIFE TO SOMEONE DEAD, that man may create a body BUT MAY NEVER GIVE SOUL and LIFE TO IT. People Believed in the BIG BANG THEORY, than NOTHINGNESS Resulted to our universe, THEY BELIEVE IN NOTHINGNESS RESULTING INTO SOMETHING, BUT WHY NOT BELIEVE IN GOD WHO IS SOMETHING? yes, other religious sects do not accept facts from science like one religion which believe that the earth is NOT LIKE A MILLION YEARS OLD, maybe this are reasons why scientists and knowledgable persons are slowly moving away from God. Even i was about to believe their is no God. i myself almost became an atheist, fearing that God Do Not Really exists.. but i was enlightened, please check out this man… i do believe he can answer your aguements and queries more than i can if you havent heard him he is Mr. Eli Soriano a Preacher From The Philippines. i know my points and explanation are not powerful enough so i am referring you to the man whom changed and swayed my belief.. the link is on my name but here is the link stillagain i respect each and everyone i respect their beliefs for it is their freedom but also please try to hear the other side of the town! may Godbless you all!

      • andey says:

        Hi, Tyler i was interested in what you do? and what you have to share with dose that want to know…

      • Lawrence A. Nowell says:

        For the true Religion/Tenants of Yahveh start here:
        for “Spiritual Healing”.

    • says:

      So wheres the invisible force come from :3

    • Coral says:

      I’m pretty much sure whoever you are, ur age is definitly someone 30. Perhaps if u were around b4 all this technology, like I was, u would see the world in a differant way. Things weren’t like this, no cell phones, no internet, we played with sticks & rocks as youngings. Back then people were much more honest, we had values,unfortunatly because of people forming solids out of air & water- we now have all this technology, where in turn the competition began!! No more just making a living, now u HAVE to fight or seem greedy just to get a buck. With that said, all rules of the Bible have been demeaned, so things just got worse & worse. I remember 5 decades ago, everyone in town would go to church…& we would pray when we needed help, and usually we got a sign, or an answer somehow. Today the people have polluted this earth, by NOT obligating the Bible, so this is our punishment!! Thats fine if u dont want to believe, I was very skeptical too…until I died & was brought back after 4 mins. What I saw & went thru was NOT a dream, for I was not in a sleep pattern to have the ability to dream. If u are interested in knowing what I saw, u can reply to this & I will give u my e-mail address. I am not at all religious…but I do believe now….I will tell you one part- I saw places I never saw in life, & was told things I remember til this day. If u dont feel like hearing my story, then just remember 3 facts- we are indeed just a bundle of bacteria & living cells, BUT- we have a brain that can think to form structures & machines beyond or being, strength, & knowledge, just as u said- technology- who do u think made all that? Also, Jesus did exist, not sure if ur a non-believer of him, and lastly, even though there are so many of us, EVERY single human being born on this earth has a DIFFERANT substance & molecules that forms them (DNA), just like fingerprints & how we look differant, unlike animals….we ARE here for a reason. Someone or something made us, made us with the ability to feel, feel love, happiness, guilt, and the ability to feel physically & mentally. With all that said, NO one knows the answer, u just may be right, & u just may be wrong, but why not be safe? I wouldnt take the chance, I mean to fry in a never-ending fire pit!

      • sahmiel says:

        i love your analysis and the way you ave interpreted it all…subject to the fact that there are many gods (known and unknown) is enough to piss a living soul off believing that he/she actually came into existence as a result of some supernatural being or deity. finally ii would love to read from you that which you saw and would never forget in life transcended.

      • GottaBeMe says:

        I love it when someone comes out with the it was better back in the day argument. I am well over 30 myself. I know what it was before all our current technology. I used to play outseide instead of staying inside playing video games or on the computer. Things weren’t as rosey as you like to make it sound. Some of it depends on where you came from and your point of view. Go back 50 yrs and talk to a black person in the south and see how life is for them. How about all the medical advances. Humans have always done bad things it’s just now it is easier for people to get news from all over the world. By your logic, the further back we go in history the more innocent and good people would be or were we savages for awhile and then got really good and are now on a downward spiral again?

        “With all that said, NO one knows the answer, u just may be right, & u just may be wrong, but why not be safe? I wouldnt take the chance, I mean to fry in a never-ending fire pit!”
        If this is the best reason to believe, I would rather not. Hedging your bets on some supposed afterlife that no one has any idea really exists or not isn’t the way to live a life. If this is the reason you do good or don’t commit evil acts then there is an issue there. I would rather have someone do good because that is what they feel is right not because that is what they are supposed to do based on some dogma or out of fear of retribution after they die or because of some reward they thing they will get when they die.

      • Caroline says:

        I read your writing, I would love to know what you saw and were told in your 4 minutes of leaving this earth. I was raised a Methodist, I changed to Catholicism in my late teens, studied World Religions in my mid- twenties, not exactly sure where I am now, still searching, and am so interested in everything people say, did, felt or heard. I am also from the time when we had no cell phone and we played with whatever there was to play with. If you want to I would love to read more about your experience, if not I also understand that.
        Thank You!

        • Tina says:

          Hi Caroline I read your post, I am currently studying world religions and have begun questioning my belief’s. So many different belief’s whose to say whose right or wrong. All religion is a group of people with the same or common belief’s. With all the fighting they have really forgot what they are preaching. They say God sent Jesus to tell the world about his father, they preach about loving one another as we are all God’s children. Thou shalt not kill is one of the commandments but yet there are wars based soley on the fact that each side believes they are the correct path to God. If we could all just drop the “label we have placed upon the world and all agree that religion is a set of belief’s different countries have different belief’s, different families have different belief’s even if they are of the same label. I know we all got here one way or another and I know that when we are gone a new generation will be here. I am a good person because I choose to be not because I am affraid that if I dont I am going to hell. so if you agree with what i have said I would like to be pen pals per se.

        • Tina says:

          Hi Caroline I read your post, I am currently studying world religions and have begun questioning my belief’s. So many different belief’s whose to say whose right or wrong. All religion is a group of people with the same or common belief’s. With all the fighting they have really forgot what they are preaching. They say God sent Jesus to tell the world about his father, they preach about loving one another as we are all God’s children. Thou shalt not kill is one of the commandments but yet there are wars based soley on the fact that each side believes they are the correct path to God. If we could all just drop the “label we have placed upon the world and all agree that religion is a set of belief’s different countries have different belief’s, different families have different belief’s even if they are of the same label. I know we all got here one way or another and I know that when we are gone a new generation will be here. I am a good person because I choose to be not because I am affraid that if I dont I am going to hell. so if you agree with what i have said I would like to be pen pals per se.

    • sahmiel says:

      my dear brother….i am too young to advice you, but i would rather say this to you ‘if one day you die having accepted God and you realized there was no such thing as God, what would be your loss – NOTHING’ but ‘if you die not believing and you then realized that there is a supreme being, then it would have been too late and ALL THINGS ARE LOST’…lets be wise and act same

      • GottaBeMe says:

        If the only reason to believe is to hedge your bets, I would rather not. I don’t do good or bad based on some reward or punishment system in some supposed afterlife. I do it based on what is good for the common good of society.

      • anon13333758392 says:

        I’m sorry, but that is such a pathetic argument. Christianity isn’t the only religion that say people who don’t follow it go to hell. What if Islam is the correct religion? Also, why would I follow a religion out of fear?

    • Dio Thomas says:

      [1] For there to be laws, there must be a law giver.
      [2] For there to be science, there must be a scientist.
      [3] For there to be an invention, there must be inventor.
      [4] For there to be a tool, there must be a tool maker.
      [5] For there to be governing, there must be a governor.
      [6] For there to be truth, there must be a truth teller.

      Men have accidents. God does not. Still, even the most crude tools or simple structures built by human hands are intelligently attributable to blind chance, an accident of nature. And yet, the universe that you correctly point up being as more grand, more complex and more inventive than any of the crude and even destructive inventions of man is routinely written off to mere accident by those who would deny the first six things above, which you yourself named. And yet, again, our thousands of years of “intelligent” human history haven’t given us enough time to gain a complete understanding of so much as a single thing in this grand universe, least of all ourselves. Any scientist among us will agree, the more we learn, the less we know.

      For there to be truth, there must be a truth giver, and that truth is given by the very things you name, and many others. Pay attention to your very own words about the stars, about light, and about the invisible forces in nature, for in each of them are the very evidence you claim doesn’t exist. You may read the whole of the first chapter of the book of Romans, if you wish. Its up to you. But this excerpt is useful for this discussion. Enjoy it

      (Romans 1:19-23). 20” For his invisible [qualities] are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship, so that they are inexcusable; because, although they knew God, they did not glorify him as God nor did they thank him, but they became empty-headed in their reasonings and their unintelligent heart became darkened. Although asserting they were wise, they became foolish and turned the glory of the incorruptible God into something like the image of corruptible man and of birds and four-footed creatures and creeping things.”

      • Cj says:

        To Dio Thomas (April 3, 2012)

        I am thinking “circular reasoning” here. Perhaps refer back to GottaBeMe (March 13) post as, (paraphrase) ‘God as a placeholder for knowledge’. I love that.

    • Tanyaw1224 says:

      Nice! Very well put =)

    • Paul says:

      Nice saying but incomplete.
      Where does intelligence come from and the scientists?
      Where do we come from? From a stone? is that my great great great granddad?
      No, some say, it al started with a bang? Well, a bang with what substances, and where do they come from?

    • Really? says:

      You know what’s wrong with that? Why try to advance in our lives when if in the end it will all be forgotten from your point of view? If there is nothing after death and eventually this world will be destroyed why waste our time doing things for the good of society and instead just live for ourselves? There’s no point unless we are going somewhere where we will not be forgotten. Otherwise there’s no point because life has no purpose.

    • chrissy says:

      Why not just give a number?

  3. newcoptic says:

    Can You Answer these questions please:
    1-Who Created Universe ?
    2-Who Created Man & give him such a brilliant mind to achieve amazing discoveries?
    3-Does it make sense that your life will end by your death just like any other creature ?

    • hehe says:

      I have one simple question for you.. without an adequate answer all your questions and/or expected answers are mud. Who created God? If god can have just been or just be.. .then so can every answer to everyone of your questions. If god created god then god was never created. Weak arguement.. the weakest indeed. Until It can be answered then there is absolutely NO arguement FOR a God… I believe nature created mine… who created yours? Himself? ROTFLMBO! Great!!!

      • secret kid says:

        hehe, this will probably be hard for you to grasp the consept, but god was not created. he was just always there. he had no begining. it’s still even hard for me to understand. but if i’m 11 and i can understand that, then you could try if you really wanted to.

        • GottaBeMe says:

          You are still young enough to start looking for the answers to things. Don’t let religion and gods hold you back. The idea of any god has been to explain what humans couldn’t understand. Any god is just a placeholder for knowledge. As we understood more, that placeholder was shifted. Do we know how for sure how the universe began, no. We good theories like the big bang. Do we know what made the big bang happen or what was there before that, no but again there are theories. It is more is more intellectually stimulating working out these ideas and exploring them than just to throw your hands up and say, it must be a god even though we have no evidence that such a being exists or ever existed. People are fond of saying that the universe had to have a beginning and a creator but that creator did not have a creator. This being was always there and needed nothing to create it. This is a case of special pleading and god of gaps (You can look those things up for some explanation on it). If this being always existed and didn’t need a creator and this is something that is understandable to you and other theists, why can’t you take out a step and say that maybe the universe always existed in some form or another and didn’t need a creator? We know there is a universe as we can see it. We have a good idea that the big bang occurred based on evidence collected. Maybe before the big bang, the universe was just a very small dense mass of matter and was always there.There is no evidence of a supreme being anywhere other than what came out of the imaginations of ancient men. The point is, don’t stop at religion and a god to explain what you don’t know. Look for the answers. It is always much more interesting and a better explanation in the end than well god did it.

    • Cunny says:

      who created god in his own image…..?????

    • godrocksmylife27 says:

      GOD!!!!!!! There is scientific evidence that God created man and his amazing talents. God can change lives and loves all of us; whether or not we love or even believe in him is our problem. All I can say is that God heals, changes lives, and can save us from Hell. No scientist or scientific data could ever do that! :)

      • GottaBeMe says:

        “All I can say is that God heals, changes lives, and can save us from Hell. No scientist or scientific data could ever do that!”
        Well I would have to disagree there. Humans live longer now then they ever have threw science and medicine. There are may things science has come up with that have healed, changed lives, saved lives throughout history. Heart transplants would have been unheard of not to long ago. There is the polio vaccine, smallpox was basically eradicated a a few decades ago, we can diagnose and treat countless numbers of diseases. Science did this not god. Actually, if you want to be technical, god created the problems that science has to solve. Your god put these diseases here not man. As for the saving from hell part, if god exists then its his fault anyone goes to hell as he is the one that made hell and made the rules that sends people to hell.

    • secret kid says:

      1. I belive god created the universe. why would anyone create the earth for us just to live and then die when your sixty.
      2.I also belive god created man because if he created earth just for animals to live on, then whats the point in that
      3. and when god created earth and man, he created it for humans to live on forever which mean’t that we didn’t die, but the first humans to ever walk the planet sined and died. as there desendents we also sin and die. but we have the hope of everlasting life in the future if were following gods laws. by the way, this is just what i belive in.

      • josh kelly says:

        well your wrong

        • Shannon says:

          I’d rather believe and be wrong than not believe and be wrong.

          We cannot prove there is a God and we can not prove there is not a God. I also am a scientist. i believe in evolution and the Big Bang. I also believe that God is responsible for those things.

          • Cat says:

            So are u really gonna say that we came up from monkeys and that a huge explosion made us how we are and everything how it is? How is it that a big bang put us in the exact distance from the sun so that we dont freeze or burn to death? How is it that a big bang was able to make life in the first place? How is it that we are able to create life ourselves in our own bodies? Even if evolution were true how would a big bang create the monkeys that u believe we came from? An explosion does not have the power to do that. Explosions destroy things.

          • mpati says:

            shannon please what is BIG BANG, HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT THERE WAS A BIG BANG?


    • Josh says:

      No one knows that answer, including you and Jesus!

    • anon13333758392 says:

      Why would you use the word “who”? That already limits how I can answer, how about “what”? “Does it make sense that your life will end by your death just like any other creature ?”
      Yes, the chemical reactions and neuron activity in my brain is what make me ‘me’, and when I die, this will end just like any other creature. I don’t simply believe things because it feels comfortable to me or because I want it to be true.

  4. nonbeliever says:

    Can you answer those questions with scientific proof ??

    Let’s face it you can’t
    Neither can I because no one knows how we got here but what we do know is that we we are not created buy some magical deity in the heavens that made us and everything else

    Face the facts

    • secret kid says:

      your saying you dont have proof, but let me ask you something non-beliver, we cant see the wind. does that mean you dont belive there is wind all around us? now you obviously dont belive in god, but where do these tree’s come from? you many say people plant them but they needed seeds to plant them. where did the seeds come from? please think about that.

      • Crow88 says:

        I can’t see the wind but I can feel it, so I know it is there. I can’t see God nor can I feel him, because he doesn’t exist.

        If God is a plume of wonderdust floating around in space somewhere, then how are we made out of His image? You don’t need arms, legs, eyes, lungs, ears or a mouth to float in the vast nothingness of the universe. We are built with these organs and appendages for one reason, to live and survive on Earth, not because a being gave them to us.

        If God is all knowing and all powerful, then why doesn’t he keep the people that are going to Hell anyways from being born in the first place? Why does he test the parents of a child with cancer to keep their faith and upon the child dying they do, if he already knew they would? Seems like a sick joke to me. If he can flood the Earth at will for 40 days and 40 nights and he can create a man named Jesus that can feed thousands with one loaf and one fish, then why don’t he feed the starving in Africa?

        If it is a sin for man to be jealous and vengeful, yet we are created in His image, then why in Genesis does it say that God is a jealous and vengeful God?

        Again, if we are created in His image, and it is a sin to kill, then why is it okay for God to firebomb cities, turn people into dust, flood the Earth and in the end send the plagues of Armageddon to destroy us all? But, remember….HE LOVES YOU!

        • Ever-QuestioningBeliever says:

          You make some VERY good points. Truth is, you are indeed right. Unsettling for a believer like me. I know the bible well, been going to church all my life, and STILL have these same questions. People will comment that I am no believer at all to even question God, but I believe He wants us to question Him….for some reason. Ingrained in me from early age. I could just as well be Muslim or Hindu or athiest, this much is also true; and it wouldn’t bother me. Funny… I believe there HAS to be life somewhere else in this universe, but it won’t look like us, for sure! Then it also wouldn’t look like my God! Hows this: So, what if God is an alien? Would he/they STILL be my God? Why, Yes! People need to think… science proves what is not there, what is and what could be, and their properties. If we were created by such beings, or just evolved (which I believe in, with God being that first “spark”) then who, or what biological circumstances created them? And on, and on…
          Vengeful and loving? Yes, He is. Jealous, but accepting? Yep. How or why, don’t know yet. Haven’t a clue…I don’t know the Mind of God, be it some whispy mist, an old man with a grey beard, evolution, or 6-legged Zeybar from planet Goodyear. All I do know is that for me, I find solice in “knowing” there is something greater than me, and that “something” I call God makes living a good, upright and moral life much easier for me. Psychological? Spiritual? Beyond reasoning? Sure it is. Why not? :) Good post, Crow.

        • jorts says:

          you said, “I can’t see the wind but I can feel it, so I know it is there. I can’t see God nor can I feel him.”… can i say and i hope you think about this, everything that you see, everything that you “feel” and everything that this world has,, it’s all God’s creations. i wonder what makes you not feel that? what makes you not see that? you are blinded by your confusion. what more proof do you need aside from this world and things that we already have? does it not occur to you for what ever reason that we cannot see or talk or confront him directly should be the sense of his divinity, that’s why it is called God. and God is beyond our understanding, our ability or intelligence.

        • peacemaker says:

          This discussion is the typical one which has been cycling since human beings questioned their existence and the wonders of all creation. God has always given sufficient evidence of His existence in all the complexities and intellect of all life. It is important to state that “religion” does not define nor give justification of God’s existence or who He really is. If you study religion, you will find that at some time before any such religion was formed, there was the existence of God and His creation. In addition to this, just about every religion that exist with the exception of Christianity, there is a human being that shares an account of an enlightment or revelation given him or her by God or some angelic being. It is the Holy Bible account of Jesus being the only one who has given an infallible account of having deity or being divine. All others of the world religions have lived and died as all mortals. Religions that do not bare any true account of the power, wisdom, knowledge, and intellect of the only wise, living, and true God, are not worthy to be considered valid even if they tend to give some rational explanation of life and its existence.

          When the terminology “in God’s image” or “in His image” is used, it refers to the fact that God gave us the ability to reason, to think, to make choices, and to have emotions.

          God is a spirit. He has given us a spirit. It is in this part of our tricotomy – body, soul, and spirit – that we find the “image of God within us”.

          As for “true” science and research, it validates truth even if it doesn’t answer all the questions. You will find that most scientists and researchers often are persuaded and convinced that God is the source of all life and the things appertaining thereto.

        • Cat says:

          ok Crow88 i have the answers to ur questions rite here…
          First, u CAN see the wind, just not in the way u think. You see wind thru the trees and ppl’s hair and everything that moves when it blows. Therefore, your seeing the wind thru other things. The only reason you cant see or feel God is bc your choosing not to. Like the wind, you see God thru other ppl. A random act of kindness or someone feeding the hungry or giving to the less fortunate, all these things are signs of God. When you see someone survive something that is impossible to survive thats Him too. Feeling God is a choice. You will only feel Him once you invite Him into your life. I mean if you dont believe then why would you feel God? On a rare occasion you mite, but i believe it mostly happens when you believe in Him.
          That should pretty much also sum up the image of God thing too. I mean His SON Jesus looks like we do so obviously we are also made in God’s image. Like you dont see ducks making cats…they make ducks. its that simple. And yes we were given these organs and such to survive on Earth bc God knows what we will need to survive!
          Next: Yes God is all knowing and powerful but he also gave us a choice. By Him giving us life that is our opportunity to make our choice in whether or not we want to believe in Him. If we dont get the chance to live then we dont get the chance to decide. With the whole cancer thing, God knows what He’s doing. He uses us to show people lots of different things. Yes its sad that people have to die of cancer and other diseases but thats just the consequences of what adam and eve did. which in turn pushes more n more ppl to help find cures. and the starving in africa, again its a consequence and a chance for us Christians to help them. God is jealous bc He wants us to love Him. and when it comes to Him killing, He knows what He’s doing! He has a purpose for everything that He does and we dont have to know what that purpose is. And what i want to know is if u took the time to read those things out of a Bible then why couldnt you read the rest to find out all the answers to your questions? He’s not going to destroy us all, the believers will be going with Him when He calls. If ppl arent called up they had the chance to believe and serve in His name. its their fault they didnt. so yes…He does love us!!

        • life says:

          With all do respect crow88:
          every year science is advanced and allows more things to be discovered… you state at the begining that you can niether see, feel or hear god. First ill like to define the meaning of god in my religious view which isn`t christianty. For ever creation there needs so be a creator therefor there needs to be a creator thats hasn`t been created to beging creation. Now thats what god is, god can`t be described as someone or something as its unknown. Now if it wasn`t for modern technology, I would neither be able to see, hear or feel your brains doesn`t mean you don

          • life says:

            Your comment is awaiting moderation.

            With all do respect crow88:
            every year science is advanced and allows more things to be discovered… you state at the begining that you can niether see, feel or hear god. First ill like to define the meaning of god in my religious view which isn`t christianty. For ever creation there needs so be a creator therefor there needs to be a creator thats hasn`t been created to beging creation. Now thats what god is, god can`t be described as someone or something as its unknown. Now if it wasn`t for modern technology, I would neither be able to see, hear or feel your brains doesn`t mean you don`t have one. No science can prove even with the big bang thoery how the world is created. Even if the big bang was to be true they dont know where it came from or what caused it. When the presents of light is taken away we have darkness well go has created us to test if we can follow good deeds now when good has been taken away thats when we get evilness. With all the different events that happen in the world that cause death well here could be multiple reasoning for it but let me state we are all going to end up dead so there needs to be a way in how we die otherwise we would live for ever which then defeats the purpose of the whole universe being created.

        • mpati says:



    • Shannon says:

      You cannot scientifically prove there is NOT a God either. We don’t know all the answers, and we never will. We can speculate, but that’s it. Why is believing in a God anymore ridiculous than believing a bunch of gasses and space dust blew up and created the entire universe?

      God was not created, he just is. Have a problem with that and believe in the Big Bang? Where did those gasses and particles come from? Were they just always there? See how that explanation isn’t anymore sane than a deity.

      I don’t know that any one religion has it right. But that doesn’t mean that they’re all wrong, or all wrong in every aspect. Most have central themes Islam, Christianity and Judaism basically have the same views. Islam even believes that Jesus was born a virgin and was the Messiah…they just believe that Mohammad was the last prophet to walk the earth versus Jesus. The Jews have the same old testament pretty much as the Christians, they were just not convinced that Jesus was the Messiah. However, most religions are actually worshiping the same God, just have different interpretations of his message to us. Even some Wiccans believe that the Goddess and the Christian God are the same.

      • GottaBeMe says:

        No you can’t scientifically disprove any god. I don’t have to. Given the fact that there is no credible evidence that any god exists is enough for me reject the idea of any god. It is ridiculous to try to disprove the existence of something that has no proof for its existence in the first place. I reject the idea that a pegasus exists. They are written about in books and the idea of them has been around for thousands of years. The is absolutely no evidence that they were anything but made up creatures. Also, most religions don’t worship the same god. The 3 major ones might but they are build upon each other so that is expected. As for your ideas that some god is as sane to believe in as the big bang, we have evidence that points to the big bang. You go with the idea the a god made everything but that this god was not made itself but always existed. If you can believe that, then way not take one step out of it and say that the universe always existed in one form or another and didn’t need to be created?

  5. Flash says:

    Nonbeliever, you are anything but logical. You make absolutely no sense. It is you, my friend, that must face the facts. They are all around you. Where there is intelligence and purpose there is a mind; where there is a mind there is a person – not necessarily physical. Someone CREATED what we see!
    Those are the facts …. to start.

    • GottaBeMe says:

      No those aren’t facts. That is your own supposition. What is your proof that someone created everything? Sounds like you are just saying it has to be because it makes sense to me. WHat evidence do you have of this “person”. There is so much about the universe and earth in general and life in all its forms on earth in particular that make no sense if an intelligent being did it. It is more like a bad experiment than an the creation of an intelligent being.

  6. FSM says:

    @ Flash, you crack me up. I found this article b/c I was curious at how many different religions/gods were out there and this came up from google. Anyway, my favorite quote is

    “I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. when you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” Stephen Roberts

    Seriously, based on this article you have a 1 in 20 chance of being right, 5%, I wouldn’t be placing any wadgers on that one.


  7. Biblebeliever says:

    @FSM Think about what you are saying…you ARE placing a wager on it since atheist is one of the 20! And you have a whole lot more to lose if you are wrong then I do if I were wrong.

  8. pook says:

    i find your numbers way off

  9. Right now it looks like Movable Type is the preferred blogging platform available right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

  10. pp32 says:

    To all those who have posted here that do not believe in God, that think science is the answer to everything, who think that if it can’t be scientifically proven then it can’t exist I only have one thing to say to you. May the Lord forgive you, may he make his face shine down upon you, may he lead you to the path of righteousness and may You one day ask for forgiveness for forsaking him. I don’t need you to tell me that there is no God, but someone sure needs to tell you that there is one! I know where I am going when my time on this earth ends, my body may return to the ground, ashes to ashes and dust to dust, but my soul, my soul will go to Heaven where I will happily serve the Lord for the rest of eternity! I wouldn’t be worried about those of us that believe, I would be worried about those of you that don’t! We know what is waiting for us at the end of our time, we also know what is waiting for you if you continue to not believe in God. Do you really want to think your right up to the point where it is too late once you figure out you were wrong? Something you should really think about, because then all the science in the world won’t be able to help you.

    • GottaBeMe says:

      See now that is the funny thing. You say that non-believers thing science is the answer to everything and then go on to say how you, a believer know it all. No atheist I know would ever say that science knows everything. They may say that science has good explanations for a lot of things and that it is always looking for answers. That is the difference here. An atheist is always going to say I don’t know to things and look for the answers to what they don’t know. Most theists say they have the absolute answer and that answer is god and there is no need to look for any other knowledge. Or they will take any knowledge and try to bend it into a form that agrees with their religion. I don’t live my life worrying about some supposed, unproven afterlife. I live my life like it is the only one I know I have. I do good for the sake of my own well being and that of the people around me and for the common good of society. I don’t do it for some reward or punishment system that some great dictator put in place without any input from those it is meant to govern.


  12. You may think u dont need Jesus, u may think u know better, but here is the thing, when u were in your mothers womb you grew feet, hands, your body, you didnt know that you’d need them to function on earth. when one dies they’l need Jesus for the after life, the is no fogiveness of sins after death, accept Jesus as your personal saviour today!! it is necessary, your future depends on your Salvation today!!!!!!

  13. FreeThinker says:

    Theists: You spend so much of your time trying to convince others of your arguments. Do you spend as much on your faith? You go to church or temple or whatever shrine you pray to and then congratulate yourself for being a good little (Chistian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, ect). How much actual GOOD do you do in this world? I’m sure many of the posters here live their faith well. But I have seen with my own eyes the hypocracy of religous organizations that use their believers to line the coffers of the church with gold while contributing little back to society.

    Most of you simply follow the religion of your parents; never daring to ask questions or ever read your tomb with a critical eye. You’ve been taught to accept it all on faith and ignore the many contradictions. Just as you were taught to believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and the Sand Man. The time has come to put away childish things. We are so much more than the favored creations of a mythical diety. We grow, we change, we gain greater understanding of the natural world with every new generation and we’ve just begun to tap our potential as a species. Don’t place limits on us by bogging us down with the arcaic beliefs of our primitive ancestors. Grow up.

  14. Minas says:

    Hmm i think that us humans haven’t even figured out what created us yet, i mean think about it we’ve only had good technology we have now for about 100 years. Honestly look at how many religion there have been throughout the 4 billion years this earth has been here. Nobody knows cause there’s to many to count. Can anyone tell me how big the universe it either? How many possible habitable planets that we don’t know about yet? we don’t know yet. and for the Christians in here i have a ? for you guys, your religion has been around for a few thousand years right? The earth has been here for about 4.5 BILLION years, so what about all the “sinners” that went aware of your religion, guidelines, and sins that can have you sent to hell forever before your religion was discovered? that would not be fair at all right? I believe in a higher spiritual being though, you could say a “god” because i sure as hell know it didn’t start from some big ass explosion that makes no sense. Its only a theory. and Ive definable had my “spiritual” experiences which made me notice there’s something up there, some higher being. We just don’t know enough about space or even have the technology to say any religion is right or any of our theories.

  15. yo_believo says:

    Can’t God be nature? Can’t God be science? I was wondering, isn’t religion (and God) an interpretation of nature and how we should interact with nature? So couldn’t all gods be the same thing? Even atheists and agnostics who use there interpretation of the nature to live how they believe they should. Why can’t isn’t this the same outcome whether its called a god or not?

    I honestly want an answer, I have a thirst for the truth and I’m trying to get a little closer.
    (however, don’t tell me what to believe, I’m a grow ass man. I want my questions answered)

    • Jim says:

      If God is impersonal one would think as you are suggesting however, God isn’t impersonal. He is a personal being who created you and me in His image. That image is demonstrated in the ability to love, care, plan, work, create, save, prepare, design, etc. We must be careful to assume that while we bear the image of God in ourselves, we cannot trivialize Him since He is God, meaning He is bigger, smarter and more powerful than we are. He is the designer of science, not science itself.

    • gabe says:

      ask what you will, if you seek the truth you shall find it

  16. christian says:

    my name is christian but its not my religion I am a agnostic I believe in a God as of a higher power and what that is , is unknown I think some things are just better off not knowing , just knowing that there is a higher power or being is good enough for me some things are to be left a mystery . and all the religions in the world who’s to say who’s right or who’s wrong . just the comfort of knowing that there is a God or higher power or being is content to me……!

  17. Thinker says:

    I believe in God. I believe in Jesus. But I also believe that people believe what they want to and sometimes you just can’t change that. One day everyone will know the truth. Until then, the debate goes on.

    • Noor Ahmed says:

      Hi Dear!
      I also belief in jesus. But jesus never said that i am god.

      • gabe says:

        Jesus Is God manifested (born) in the flesh.

        KJV (King James Version) Matthew 1:18-25

        The virgin (had not had sex) Mary (Jesus’s mother) concieved a child of the Holy Ghost (God,which is a spirit) John 4:24, (God did not have sex with mary, his spirit moved into her, because God is a sprit and in order for her to be a virgin she could not have had sex, hence… GOD IS A SPIRIT)

        So the spirit of God moved into Mary and concieved Jesus, (process of fertilization of the female egg, and again this was not a physical sexual thing… it was a divine, spiritual happening of God)

        Now David (Mary’s Husband/Not the “father of Jesus” because AGAIN Jesus was not made concieved by man (David) but by the Holy Ghost (God).

        So David was told by the angel of the LORD, that Mary would bring forth a son and that his name was to be called Jesus, and that he shall save his people (Jews and Gentiles alike) from their sins. Verse 23 in Matthew says, and i quote ” BEHOLD, A VIGIN SHALL BE WITH CHILD, AND SHALL BRING FORTH A SON, AND THEY SHALL CALL HIS NAME EMMANUEL, which being interpreted is, God with us.”

        Jesus and Emmanuel

        Now your thinking…well which one is his name. Answer is both, and heres how.

        Think of the common phrase/term when someone says ” Im gonna make a name for myself ”
        What this means by name is something people will recognize you by, by visual works. Who and what you are, your substance (everything that makes you, you).

        Jesus is his name and Emmauel is what he is known by.

        (ex.) In the hit Marvel comic series X-MEN, there is a character named Wolverine.

        Now. Wolverine’s name is actually James Howlett or “Logan”. He was given the name Wolverine because of the attributes he possesed (his traits). A Wolverine is a vicious wild creature with powerful sharp claws. James Howlett had a mutaion which gave him sharp and powerful claws and he had a wild and outright behavior (temper).

        So James Holwlett is his name but Wolverine is what he was known by, by the way he was and acted.

        So Jesus is his name and Emmanuel is what the people recognized him by because he is in deed God with us.

        Hence… Jesus is God and God is Jesus. Jesus was part man and part God, Because God had to make himself part man in order to die (because God cannot die) so that he could be that perfect sacrifice with the perfect blood (untainted by sin) because Jesus was perfect. Jesus was without sin and had to be in order to have been a perfect sacrifice.

        There are many more proofs in Gods word (the bible) that tell us that Jesus and God are the same.
        Like in John 10:30 “I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE”. I = Jesus and Father = God.

        The only way to know the COMPLETE truth of Gods word, and all things and undertanding is by God himself. Then you might say well what do you mean by God? It means that the only way we can know these things is by the spirit of God. Just like we spoke of before. The HOLY GHOST. In order to see things and understand things that God wants us to understand and the way he wants us to understand them, we have to recieve the Holy Ghost.

        If you want to know the whole truth and are interested in learning how to get the Holy Ghost please message me by email:

        God bless you all in Jesus name, that you may see the truth and live it before it is everlasting to late. Amen.

  18. Lynn says:

    You can live forever if you believe. You live forever once you die as said in the holy bible.

    Most of the people in the world believe in what they read and what other people do in their life. Everyone has their own mind. why believe what others are telling you. Use common since to look around you and really think what is real and what is not.

    Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not true. If more people stayed true to thinking positive, being true to what they believe in, staying away from evil, pride, envy, greed, wrath, lust..Should I go on. Then maybe the world would be a better place.

    There is so much hate in the world that if everyone just stayed happy that most people would get bored and what it back to the way it was. How sad the world has become filled with hatred.

    I do believe in god and it’s possible that all the other religions that people believe in are true too. I’m not going to deny any of it is false because everyone has their own opinion and anything is possible in the world.

    One day everyone will know the truth!

    Until then the only thing you can do is stay on the right track and do what’s right in the world.

  19. jorts says:


    you said, “I can’t see the wind but I can feel it, so I know it is there. I can’t see God nor can I feel him.”… can i say and i hope you think about this, everything that you see, everything that you “feel” and everything that this world has,, it’s all God’s creations. i wonder what makes you not feel that? what makes you not see that? you are blinded by your intellectual honesty. what more proof do you need aside from this world and and all the things that we already have all given by God? does it not occur to you for what ever reason that we cannot see or talk or confront him directly should be the sense of his divinity, that’s why it is called God. and God is beyond our understanding, our ability or intelligence.

  20. Nick says:

    this is an argument that will never be resolute. So many theories backing up each argument, but that is what they are. Theories; that is why those who believe in God continue to worship him and live life through his image and non believers live there life opening their minds and progressing through life. I myself want to believe in God but apparently have not earned that privilege yet. If I do ever find God it won’t be through Christianity(to crazy and chaotic for me). Has anyone asked the question what will happen to us once we are gone? I feel like that is the basis of both beliefs just wanting to know that very question. Reincarnation? open to heaven and its pearly gates? dammed to hell? the answer is you never truly know until it happens. just this on going argument that is happening above. you don’t know! we are blind, every individual never truly knows. yeah you could throw verses at me or something but that’s not going to change these questions. religion will never go away and i’m not sure i want it to! it would be utter chaos!! are species is so primitive that we need a crutch to fall back on before we lose are sense of humanity. I believe that one day our civilization will know the proper extent of balancing religion and science, never agreeing but an understanding of the two. its your simple agree to disagree scenario. If God did create us in his image than I submit to you that god has no boundaries and his ideology is open to anything and everything for improve, thus creating heaven itself. maybe heaven is just another world or step to a more advance civilization? sketchy isn’t it? but not anymore than saying that you will go to a place where it has never been documented or seen in the sky. just a thought in your head that has been planted their for centuries so it is too late to go against it because it is blasphemous. I’ll be the first to admit that I am lost but I feel it is up to me and myself only to figure out the truth not what everyone else tells me. So with good luck I hope my journey through life will lead me to a wonderful conclusion. This thinking I believe is a great way to learn life and yourself well.

    • Hmm says:

      I am sure that every person has thought of where they go when they die at least once. Heaven takes faith, all religions take faith, even Evolution takes faith because there are so many conflicting factors (I call Evolution a religion also). You are correct when you say you can’t fully know what happens when we die until it happens, for when you die you will truly know. However, you can have 100% faith in it; but us being human we see with our eyes and hear with our ears and not with our mind/heart we can’t say it is a fact. I do think there is a way to better understand though. There are so many near-death experiences, from young and old, but even that takes faith. I heard a story, from an email, of a 3-5 year old boy telling an experience. He said he saw “birds” (angels?) around him and protecting him. He flew into the sky and felt so ‘warm’ in a good way. Sure he could be imagining and telling the same story every time but I don believe it. I believe in Heaven, I believe in Hell, however I do not believe people go to Hell forever. Also, Heaven and Hell are not as physical as we know it to be. I think Heaven is emotional/mental bliss and Hell is emotional/mental torment where you pretty much FEEL the error of your ways.

      For all you other people I would like to say that God does not need to have a beginning. Our human minds, as brilliant as they are (*cough *cough) can not understand God. Our minds are not capable of it because it is just too complex. God isn’t physical. Jesus was, he was 100% human and 100% holy (does your mind hurt yet?). Once we are free of this mind we are then only limited to what God wants us to understand.

      Go ahead, call me a fool, call me a kid (I’m 14). In the end I won’t be laughing, I won’t be crying, my feeling will be mutual. I don’t think you will “burn” forever; in fact I hope to see you soon.

  21. Bakirul says:

    Islam is the complete code of life. it is not only a religion but also a complete code of life so we should accept it because say all creator Allah in holy Quran that there is no religion accept but we should accept islam for improve our present and future life.and we can may forgive of Allah and we may success in our after death life

  22. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  23. gabe says:

    For those who dont not believe, you will, for those who want to, you will, and for those who do but dont not completely understand…you will. I will answer any question you have, and if the Lord should so choose to open your mind to his truth, then he will have blessed you.

  24. NEUTRAL says:

    In fact, if who believe in God and who don’t, both should consider this: if you want to do any action in your life, you may feel -not for all people- that something prevent you from doing that action. sometimes it is on your favor, sometimes not. that force sometimes prevents you from doing right action to prevent bad people from harm others. and that force also helps bad people to do bad action in terms of prevent any body else from stopping them. thief, for example, can enter your house when no body even on the road can see him, try to do so and you will find the police are waiting for you at the backyard!!!!!. whilst, the opposite, you can see, if someone harmed you and you don’t have and bad feeling against him, he will be punished in one way or other. if you helped people, some times, you will be helped by others when you need it. therefore, you can see two forces – strong and powerful- but opposite. now tell me which one is the “GOD”? but remember don’t involve devil in this because those actions are bigger than such devil to control otherwise he will be “GOD” not devil.

  25. Brittany says:

    All I know is that Jesus is my savior. He IS the LIVING God. I was an atheist and wanted nothing to do with this “God”… all I said was this…”God, if you’re real, reveal yourself to me. Prove to me that you exist.” I didn’t think for one second that anything would happen. I mean, how could he be real? But guess what? GOD SHOWED UP. It was like a slap in the face. He showed me a love I had never felt before. He touched my heart and changed my life. I’m not pushing my beliefs on any of you, I’m just telling my story. He revealed Himself to me, and rocked my face off with His love. I asked Him to show me, and He did. Oh, I forgot to mention, it did take time. I didn’t ask and the next day receive. He had to work with me. Don’t give up on Him. TRUST ME, He WILL rock your world. I promise.

  26. Brittany says:

    Gabe- AWESOME.

  27. Ed says:

    Nick I am in the same place as you, I refuse to be so certain into believing a specific religion. I do however believe in the possibility of a God or Diety. The world is so complex and yes science does explain how everything works, but what amazes me is how everything that exists works so perfectly so that it can even be in existence. I have been through the phases of growing up Catholic, considered converting to Athiesm, and afterward Christianity, to now a Diest. From my own personal experience and research I have seen how all these religions contradict each other to the point of complete and utter confusion. I hunger for truth and purpose yet I don’t know which path is the correct one for sure. The truth is that no matter how much I may want to follow a religion and practice it there will always be questions and at least some doubt, so what would be the point of committing to a certain religion if I will never be able to believe it 100%. What scares me is if I do choose to follow a religion and their is a God will God forsake me once I die because I had doubts or questions? Or what if the religion I practice is not the correct one, is my soul doomed? Only the beggining of so many questions I have. People of each religion are quick to say they are so certain that their religion is the one and only true salvation and all the others are wrong, and to my understanding its logical that a religious person would say that because that religion was ingrained in you since birth, and yet what you claim so certain to be the truth at the same time other people from other religions are claiming that their religion is the truth.I am by far not a perfect person and neither do I try to be because its obviously just not possible, but I try my best to be a good a person and learn from my mistakes along the way. Usually I try to treat people the way I would like to be treated but I have been known to refuse to turn the other cheek if someone harms me, obviously going against the scriptures. The bible says its wrong but I mean are you really going to go thru your life not defending yourself if you are threatened? I have been told that it was meant that you could defend yourself but to not seek revenge, but I have also had it interpreted as just bieng completley passive and let the Lord deal with the culprit. So even within the same religion people have scriptures interpreted in so many ways, how do I know which one is the correct interpretation? I really wish things where more simpler and clear but for now I want to believe that their is a God and whether I am religous or not my intentions are good and I only wish the best for everybody and the human race as a whole…with much respect to everybody elses opinions and believes..Ed

  28. I strictly recommend not to hold back until you get enough amount of cash to buy goods! You should just get the business loans or consolidation loans and feel yourself free

  29. Freeman says:

    There is only one truth and that truth is, what you believe is true, is true and what you believe is not true, is not true. No one can convince you or change what you believe with logic, facts or anything else.

    As a species we humans all have one thing in common, our abysmal ignorance. Individually and collectively we know so very little, what we know is like a grain of sand on a endless beach. In essence what we know is nothing compared to what is unknown.

    Unfortunately, we humans cannot tolerate not knowing. So when we don’t have an answer we make up one. These made up answers are called beliefs and we treat them as truths.

    Everyone is right and everyone is wrong! Any discussion about beliefs is an exercise in futility.

    I am just as ignorant about the existence of god as everyone else. I don’t know if god exists or not. And because I’m human and hate no knowing, I made up my own answer(belief) rather than accept someone else’s beliefs.

    The belief I adopted is god is all there is. The best way to understand this concept is to think of god as an universal sea or ocean and everything that exists is a molecule of water.

    The universal sea knows it is molecules of water but the molecules of water do not know they are the universal sea. Life is the journey from not knowing to knowing.

  30. nelbonovsky says:

    explain it in principles of law,philosophy or science whatever….why god exist? and why still having miracles? or you maybe did’nt actually seen or encountered miracles?
    come on’
    wake up! even if each of every1 have our own religion, or let we say your non-believer, without faith in what you believe or in your self, your nothing….
    see? millions of believers, but what their point?
    is to live and to die peacefully and inspired of what they believe for.
    is to live and die peacefully. Inspired of what you believe? yourself???

    rate me please!

  31. Ocean says:

    The hardest words for a human being are: “I don’t know”. But, don’t be afraid about what U don’t know… be afraid about what U think U Know. No God will wait for U in the morning ligth… Everyone with his own dream, sleeping is a deathly sin…

  32. Gwen VanRixel says:

    For now this is satan’s world… many, many people are so busy with ‘facebooking’, twittering, myspace, etc… that they are so self’-absorbed into what I can only rationally call a pretend soap opera of a life. Granted that statement is not completely true in all cases, but my main point it that satan has gained much power with the advent of the ‘Industrial Revolution’. He knows his end is near… all of the techonology we currently ‘embrace that so called makes the World a ‘smalller place” is causing us human being to lose sight of spirit, mind, body, soul, and family..and actually making us more alone than ever before. Satan keeps those unaware (in darkness) of the existence of God busy with nothingness. I am not saying everyone who utilizes current technological resources is of this nature, but in general the driving force behind all of this is greed, narcissism, and detachment. Just think of all the ways that satan is busy keeping us in the darkness in the noon of the day….. fashion, drama. tv, music that has lyrics that basically are sex education 101 for kids, “celebrities”, Hollywood, money, possessions, and the list goes on.

    I know that evil is alive and well… did it ever occur to some of you that evil backwords is live… well satan is alive and well for the time-being… just like Evian (the water bottle brand) backwards is naive… Santa… reverse the last two letters is satan… Read the Bible and God will fill your heart, mind, body, and spirit with the Truth. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost will ‘speak’ to you between the lines and you will be filled with knowledge of the Truth.

    Godbless all those that question life and eternity, and pray all those who don’t start to.


  33. Joe Ski says:

    Historically, here have been recorded over 10,000 religions, they all cannot be “THE ONE TRUE RELIGION”.
    I believe that all the books purported to be the “ONE TRUE RELIGION” are in fact just words written down by man in the hope of keeping mankind civilized. So far a dismal failure.
    However, I do believe that there is a GOD, that’s all, nothing else, just GOD, no stories, fables, allegories, just GOD.

  34. David says:

    Maybe God is science…
    Most everyone is looking for an answer. Those who believe in God believe that He has a time and purpose for everything, so, maybe God is SCIENCE.

  35. louie says:

    Is The Object Of My Faith Real Or Only In My Mind? (What I believe about GOD and why.)
    Saturday, October 02, 2010 9:56 PM

    Let me preface this article by stating that I have never been to seminary or Bible college. What knowledge I do have comes from being self taught. I say that with all humility, for I know that any amount of knowledge and wisdom we have is granted to us by the omniscient GOD who holds all knowledge and wisdom. I am a student of the Bible, and I rely solely on GOD’S Spirit to open my understanding of His word. Let’s just say I am enrolled in the Holy Spirit’s School Of Discernment.

    People have many views/beliefs as to the nature of GOD. I intend to express my belief about GOD from knowledge acquired via objective thought rather than subjective thought. The reasons I give for having faith will be consistent with scientific law or the laws that nature must adhere to. Therefore my faith is founded in observable truth and is not a blind leap into the dark but an informed leap into the Light.

    I believe God is the eternal Creator of all mater and energy seen and unseen in the universe, that He is an intelligent Being with personality, and that he transcends all of His creation.

    There are some common propositions that try to explain the existence of the universe. Some say that it is eternal, while others say that it is self created, yet others say it is an effect caused by Divine fiat.

    It is commonly accepted by scientists, who are both atheists and theists, that the universe is a grand effect. This would mean that analytically speaking, there must be a sufficient antecedent cause that is responsible for the existence of the universe. This is consistent with the Law of Causality or cause and effect. Logic and reason demand that since the universe is an effect, it must have a beginning. So in order for it to be an effect, it had to be non-existent at some point until it was brought into existence by its cause. This would mean that the universe cannot be eternal, not to mention the fact that Entropy prohibits an eternal universe because it would have reached a state of inert uniformity a long, long time ago. Furthermore, since there cannot be an infinite regress of causes, there must be an uncaused first cause to give sufficient reason for the existence of the universe. This uncaused First Cause must be eternal because He is uncaused.

    Well, what about the idea that the universe is self-created. Shall I wait until you stop laughing before I put to rest this absurdity? In order to have creative power, one must have the power of being. That is one must exist in order to have creative power. Of course the proposition of self-creation is in violation of the Law of Non-Contradiction. Something that does not exist cannot create itself into existence because it would have to exist and not exist at the same time and in the same relation. Not even GOD can self-create. This I believe clearly demonstrates the necessity of an eternal Creator, and that’s why I have faith that GOD is the Eternal Creator.

    A creator cannot impart to his creation any attribute that he does not have within himself. Therefore if the creation demonstrates intelligence, then the creator has to have intelligence within himself in order to impart it to the creation. That’s just plain old common sense. Likewise with love, personality, etcetera.

    One can observe the “observable” universe and in particular our own solar system and clearly see that design with purpose is the reason our solar system and universe function as they do. The Earth is 93million miles from the Sun. If it were just 10% closer, to much heat and radiation would be absorbed in the Earth. If it were 10% further, not enough heat and radiation would be absorbed in the Earth. In either case, it would spell doom for life on Earth.

    There are many factors that work together which allow the quality of life and even life itself to be possible on Earth. The amount of water on the Earth’s surface, the rotation speed of the Earth, the line of travel the Earth makes around the Sun, the moon’s distance from the Earth, the Earth’s 23.5 degree tilt, the atmosphere surrounding the Earth all make life or the quality of life possible on Earth. This clearly shows purposeful design which is an act of intelligence.

    GOD exists ad infinitum, and the universe has a beginning and limits. GOD cannot be a part of the universe because of that fact. I trust this gives sufficient explanation as to why I believe what I believe about GOD. If you want to know more about GOD study His Word, the Bible. You will find that He is holy, loving, forgiving, a GOD of judgment and wrath, that He has a SON who died so that sinners can be forgiven, merciful, and full of grace.

  36. louie says:

    *matter (correct spelling)

  37. Jay says:

    I guess the real question here is “Can anyone in this world tell me which of these religions are the right one to follow?” WAIT! let me answer that because it is a ratorical question. “NO” there isn’t anyone who can tell me which one of these religions are the right one. Thats because it is written by man and we all know we are not perfect we ALL tend to LIE or bend the truth to are fitting.Nobody can say that they have been honest there whole life.And if they think they have,well they are living in a fantasy world. Here is a good example– The Book called the Bible has an intresting History about it.. Like WHY DID THEY LEAVE OUT SOME OF THE BOOKS OUT OF THAT BIBLE? Hmmm… I think it’s just like our publishing today.Goes through a editing process. To fit there likeing.Sooo i will leave you with my last thought. I’m not saying that it dosen’t teach good morales because it does.But there is no real physical evidence beside what man had wrote. But it’s clearly up to yourself to decide what is good for you by the type of culture you live in……………

  38. White Trash says:

    WOW!……………. I just wanted to know how many religions there are for a book I’m writing. Why do you all bother to argue who is right or wrong? Maybe none of you are right. Who knows and who cares. Make your own choice and stick with that. Stop worrying about what other people think and stop trying to push your views on everyone else. It is that simple.

  39. maltrasar says:

    There is only one sensible belief, or religion. ATHEISM.

  40. maltrasar says:

    i believe that when yoo sleep, it is like putting your tv into standby. When you die it is switching off at the mains. There is no life everlasting, Nothing.

  41. jesus says:

    well all religions are weird but :D and what about the canadians?!?!?!? do they have a religion?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  42. Ayobami. says:

    My understanding on this issue is that believing in existency of God n hold on it never look around for what opposite religion are doing, by doing so u wont be confuse and remember u met this world on series of religion on earth and there will one day u are going 2 leave it behind less ur argue and believe in even if it seems not real. There was a purpose why God sent d servant on earth and if u could remembered how u were created u would surely know that things in God’s books are real. Just believe and be righteous. Believe in God is the answer!.

  43. -Jim says:

    Hello everyone, I would like to say that everyone is correct and incorrect. Science is ever changing and we are learning more and more as the moment passes, but religion can not be proven as it is based on a “belief” and no tangible facts (not he said or she said) . I am unsure if anyone has seen the movie(s) Zeitgeist but I would strongly suggest tho’s of you who have not to watch it, this movie is very informing. I myself don’t believe in the possibly that by chance I was born into the worlds leading religion over all the other that believe there religion is the true one. The Human species is a greedy one, always wanting more. So is it really to hard to accept that we are wanting more then what there is or is not? We as Humans want our lives to mean something, be it going our “Happy Place” or our bodies energy ascend’s into a different dimension. The end result is that’s the the body we are in now will be a lifeless husk or a pile of ashes, so live life not by trying to prove someone wrong, finding fault with someone or pushing “your” belief onto someone else. Live your life by having fun and enjoying it, for all we know and that can prove for the most past its the only life we have.

  44. Rev.Dr.William Bailey says:

    Hello, I was just online this evening and was reading some of the site’s statistics with regards to religions and the number of world members. Some of the stats were fairly accurate however, others such as Christianity are way off. I believe the number of members should be in the billions not the millions. FYI…

  45. Mustafa says:

    All religions are true. Islam is the ‘FINAL’ religion testifying previous religions and ‘SEALING’ other religions


  46. Douglas, uh, seeker of light, or dark river? you decide. says:

    So how about this. Just so you all can , well, ok.
    We are all connected. We are all one and Goddess, god, spirit, self, me , you, cosmos, multi-verse, multi-dimensional, and eternal. now is awake to time The. The time to aake is now. The present, aware, conscious, we ar all one. too scary huh, well we are th gods we are the creators the great mind that became aware, we are all connected to all things and we are the center of all things and we are seperate , see, Fibonacci sequence. I am done with you, oh sorry, I am done with me, oh wait , I am done with Us. Cosmos the creator the gbreat mind, Aware we re it, conscious, we are before th big bang was, and we were thebig bang when we as one point, one thought, one awareness, divided into two, then , three, then, 5, and so on. The world is a great complexity of fractals. we are all one. so lets go home, we are. there is no time we are all connected, we are all divine. Stop squabbling about how to find God, or who we are or why we are here. we are all things all things are from th same point, we are all the center of th universe. If you can not see that, well, hopefully one day, you will. I know it I believe, and in the meantime, I will start a Ganja Church, any followers on that? Happy 420 then. We are all one , we are all connected to all life. so stop worying and ask for anything you desire, you will get it.
    Believe that? crazy huh? yuup.
    well the truth? I was a Christian and a Mormon, My, how I have grown. Connected, we are, all together in this cause we all bgan at the same time, and we still are connected, by atoms molecules, particles ofmatter and anti-matter, and we are made of the same stuff as the stars. we are all 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,… etc, the mark of “god/nature/us the creators we are conscious, aware. whatever you want believe it, see yourself as allready living the life you desire, you will get it.
    whatever you think, whatever you wish for, good or bad, it will come to you if you believe it.
    aight now, just kill me for my bramblings, I look forward to it, you are me and I am you andyour the sun and i the moon and cosmos. Multi-verse and multiple realities, dimensions, time tavelers. Time is not linear, We go out and come back in, we are eternal, with or without Jesus’ forgiveness. Reall. dudh. we are Jesus, we are all one, so Ha! thnks

  47. graham says:

    A pastor once said “there are very few atheists in a crashing plane.”
    And he was right. My life was crashing about me and a lawyer (in fact three) told me I had NO CHANCE. Then one joked, “You need a miracle.”
    My childrens lives were at stake, I would take a bullet for them, so taking the risk of being wrong, looking like a fool, or being humiliated was less frightening than a bullet.
    The only one I had ever heard of in the miracle business was God. So, without any other earthly choices feasible I went off to find how to get God to give me a miracle. I did not announce my decision to anyone (in case it all went wrong I looked stupid).
    I flew to Singapore and met a prophetess (wow that was weird) and she gave me the blueprint to get a miracle. I would not have done it myself, but it was my kids lives at stake, so I followed her advise. The hardest part was to forgive the predators who were trying to destroy me – hey I always thought forgiveness was a weak man’s excuse for not taking vengeance.
    To cut a long story short I had a string of miracles (all with evidence – transcripts) I was cured of the incurable disease and won the unwinnable case. A cynical atheist lawyer even had to say, “You have an unfair advantage.” He could not believe what happened, nor could police, judges and of course the opposition.
    There are 20 religions and these are broken into thousands of sects and cults. My simple advise is there is ONE GOD and He loves us and if we beleive He exists and ask for His help He gives us miracles (undeserved, unearned, and totally free).
    Take a walk in the park, say hi God and discuss your needs – yes that simple! And it worked.
    Happy to share the stories and miracles – huge. He exists!

  48. luchild says:

    if u say cox u dont feel God, u dont biliv he is real den i shud start by askin u if u do feel ur brain? of course no. i suggest dat u shud also biliv d fact dat all u dont av brain.

  49. luchild says:


  50. Jet guy says:

    Ok, human beings like us have been on this earth for 100,000 years , why did God wait 98,000 to make himself know to man. And instead of revealing himself to the Chinese who could read and write , he revealed himself to illiterate peasants living in the desert. I guess he had no interest in the tens of thousands that lived before Abraham and Mohamed. Sounds indifferent and uninterested to me!!!!

  51. JUST SAYING says:

    (Exodus 20:4-5)
    “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a ?JEALOUS? God, with that being said (uuuummmmm?) the meaning of (JEALOUS)= feeling resentment against someone because of that person’s rivalry, success, or advantages (uuummm)now why would your god give his power to something he ?created?

    what would happen if the plants & trees died at this moment what would happen to the human spices?…. !Right! we the human spices would die to! ok and what do the plants & trees need the must to stay alive? the (SUN) so with that being said if the sun that seats up (HI) and is above us all and will be with us to the end? And performs miracles every day by giving us and everything else… (!LIFE!)….. ?I know its deep right? !PROOF & facts now ask any religious group and ask them to give you (PROOF or facts) they can’t…. you will hear story’s that sounds like it comes from a movie lol…or they say I got hope or faith in to what they believe in never any ?real? proof and don’t 4 get to pay your 10% cuz I your god need it right lmao but with all that said I think y’all religious people should start a new group and make the SUN your GOD and praise it because it has REAL power such as giving life and taking it away?????? One more thing if you look up the word (MYTH)= (the meaning- is a traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of !fact! or a natural explanation, especially one that is concerned with deities or demigods and explains some practice, rite, or phenomenon of nature.) and I say all this because the truth is what I’m looking for still??? Lmfaoooo still

    • Jet guy says:

      I think you are on to something “just saying” many ancient cultures did worship the Sun for good reason. Without it no life and some other attractive attributes:

      A. Is not jealous or demanding
      B. Doesn’t require specific behavior or dress
      C. Probably doesn’t care about our problems or requests for favors

      I think we should reserect the sun god RA from Egypt

  52. Samuel says:

    You forgot non stamp collector. Atheism is not a religion. It’s the lack there of.

  53. ocean says:

    Atheism is a religion… An atheist person believe there is no God… but he still believe. In a way or
    other is a form of faith.
    Agnosticism is a non religion.

    • Paul says:

      No, it is a believe.
      They don’t deny nor acknowledge the existence of God or a god. They just say the numans do not have the ability to KNOW God if he were there or not….
      Truth is: there is a God, father God and he loves you. And … he loves you to get to know Him. It is very simple: just ask Him to reveal Himself.

  54. Roger says:

    Atheism Myths: Is Atheism a Religion?

    Atheism Myths: Many people operate under the mistaken idea that atheism is itself a religion, but they are very wrong

    • Paul says:

      Hi there: it is a religion or maybe better, a believe system. It believes there is no higher being or god. This is impossible to prove. So it is a faith. Besides that: stating that there is no god, puts the one stating it in a position of ‘god’. They simply believe in themselves.

  55. Chuckles says:

    My understanding.

    Every mystery, ever solved, has turned out to be not magic.
    Everything we understand is not mystical.

    Everything we don’t know, is given a theory, a proposed explanation, a point of view, an opinion.
    Religion, whichever it may be, is an opinion, some believe it, some don’t. But, it tries to explain, what we don’t know.

    I can’t prove a God exists.
    I can’t prove a God doesn’t exist.
    Because I don’t know. (Nobody can truly know, one can believe, but not know.)

    But what is wrong with what we have. This earth. Do we need to understand everything. Can’t we just wonder? Do we need to find an explanation for everything? Do we need to create fantastic beings to explain why we are here?

    I don’t think so.

    If anyone ever finds the real answer. Don’t come to me. I’d rather not know.

  56. ploplalot says:

    you all wrong

  57. Wayne Merry says:

    Thank god for Richard Dawkins.

  58. Ocean says:

    Thanks to existence for George Carlin.

  59. Pagan says:

    at the end of the day, all people have faith, scientists have faith, christians have religion, there is a difference, the facts are that science has vastly improved the immediate existance and short term future of makind, it is also responsable for the long term death sentence signed to us humans. science has ruined this earth, science has committed genocide of countless species and has given deluded men the power to attempt genocide with other variations of humans. for thousands of years we have survived in relative comfort without mobile phones, televisions, cars, planes and guns. if mankind lived at one with the natural world our survival would be as guaranteed as it can be, now we cannot be so sure.

  60. human says:

    message to the non believers
    plzz keep your opinions for yourself and don’t disrespect any religion by saying there is no such thing as God
    thank u

    • Paul says:

      dear Human,
      by saying this you do the same. :-)
      be comforted though: I am sure there is a god, better: the God Creator.

  61. Roger says:

    human I can’t speak for the Ignorant but when I say there is no god I say it because I’ve done masive research on the subject, and most people who do not understand the concept of how the Universe came to be say god did it, in my eyes, mind that is Ignorance,

  62. Observer123 says:

    I am a non-believer. I was raised catholic, and baptized, and did my 1st communion, and then i educated myself out of religion ( no offense ). The one thing ( of many ) which I have come to learn about religious beliefs as well and scientific beliefs is that people have one thing in common ( if not more ), we all need to believe in something. Yes it does come down to faith ( to believe without proof ), something we all have, as an earlier reply stated. I myself do not believe in god, and for any religious person to question why i don’t believe,i would have to ask why do you believe in your religion and not another ( but again no-offense ). Same goes for science, Scientist will debate and argue over what they think the answer is, but unlike religion, before the study becomes theory, they have to prove it ( you know like the big bang :-? ). To conclude, I do believe that Jesus and Bhudda and other(s) ( whether we believe they existed or not ) serve as, in general, “good role models”. I find that most people want to believe in Jesus, but nobody wants to “be” Jesus ( this goes for religious and non as well ) My girlfriend is Catholic and she wants me to be too, but i’ve explained that I am not religious and i do not intend to be :). However, I am a good person, and i think we should all respect one another. I would advise anyone to be proud of the kind of human being you are in action, because believing is one thing but doing is what gets you into heaven, and also allows ( as well as non-believers ) to live in heaven well we still have time on this still-beautiful planet. Take Care.

  63. Joseph Louis says:

    Hi, i hate to sound rude but i read through about 30 comments and so many had a massively negative out look and so few positive. How can so many people write about their beliefs on the same page and not realise that all of you have faith all of you believe regardless what it is your believing in. maybe if you stopped arguing and throwing metaphorical excrament at one another you would realise we all differ both mentally & physically, & that maybe the time has come to drop the im right your wrong stance & actually unify based on the similarities we as THE HUMAN RACE have regardless how small. i do not claim to be a scholar, i do not claim to be a holy man, i do not claim to be perfect, the only claim i can make is this ‘my name is Joseph Louis McGuckin & i am a 19 year old man with little experience of the whole world, but no matter how different you are from me, i will not consider you any thing other than my equal. Because to do so would be unjust & unfair as we don’t ever know what potential lies within’

  64. gopi ghishing says:

    *** christian was not the religion, Jesus was a pupil of buddist and he was a student of Nalanda university of buddist and he went to Israel to teach about it but the non sense people think he is god.
    if it is then where is his biography for 12 years ?

  65. karl says:

    I believe there is a God or Creator, there has to be, we cant bleed breathe have emotions love, cry from evolving from a couple of rocks banging together! But what religion if any are right? The bible could have as much truth to it as a Dr zuess book no one knows, and scientists can come up with there theorys and show evidence as to why these theorys are true BUT at the end of the day they ARE THEORYS! no one has the answer, we can argue or debate till we’re blue in the face, but if there is a religion out there that says FAMILY FIRST (because i could never love a god more than my family) and it says live life to the fullest, have fun, love, make mistakes, learn, and be happy because this is your life and no one should dictate the way you live it, then point it out to me.
    Thanks :)

  66. Tim says:

    I’m sorry to break it down to you but Atheism is not a religion. In fact it’s the excact oposit of religion. It is the absence of it. lol

    • Paul says:

      Hi there: it is a religion or maybe better, a believe system. It believes there is no higher being or god. This is impossible to prove. So it is a faith. Besides that: stating that there is no god, puts the one stating it in a position of ‘god’. They simply believe in themselves. :-)

  67. Mera says:

    I love Islam

  68. tintin says:

    There is a major religion that you missed out. It is called Yazidi. It is a pre-Islamic religion from the Persian belt. Since this is a “how many” website would be good if you enlist maximum numbers. The population goes in millions, so u might consider adding them.

  69. Odchudzanie says:

    As many people as many religions. I think that os the true answer.

  70. TommY GuN says:

    for some reason, i believe that the devil is tricking everyone that he is GOD, he wants you to believe in that so he can be more powerfull,
    Thats what i believe…So percieve the life you are given…

  71. jerry says:

    why is Atheism listed as a religion? its not

  72. Chuck says:

    There could be truth to all everyone has said or not. it is still not or dought ever will be proven. Is it possible that there was a creator but no god. created by accident and it doesn’t even know we exist. somehow, something did all this. I dont believe in heaven or hell. or that god put his seed in a virgin or in any of the other insainly stupid things writen in the bible that not even all the religions can agree to. We are just the smartest animal. or are we. I believe in good common sense. and it tells me there is no god. most the crap writen in the bible are not believable to me at all. common sense tells me this. a great quote that makes sense. It is impossible for all religions to be right, but it is very possible for them all to be wrong. created by something but no god, no heaven, no hell, no jesus, no devil, santa, easter bunny, angels and the list goes on and on and on. my ex wives are my hell and golf is my heaven. when we die we go right back to that place we were before we were conceived. and who remembers where that is. I sure don’t. i am no scientist, not even that smart. just an average guy with good common sense. I am good because I have morals.

  73. Mayur says:

    Hi all My Brothers and Sister,

    Here’s question is not what is god, what is heaven, what you believe, what i believe, what is religious, in what religious i should believe, and neither what we are? The biggest question is not a question but it’s acting or in doing. if we are here than okay we are here….No questions for why? we all are human and all are equal. we have lots of problem like wars,terrorism, pollution, people are dying because of yet they haven’t enough food for survive against the life, lot of diseases, corruption, illiteracy and many even i can’t capable of being listed out here. United Nations and other organization are fighting for it………but now it’s comes at us. it’s our sole responsibility to fight against all this threats and make our home,the Earth, more beautiful then ever…… our brother’s and sister have
    -Nature to help each other at the view of brother and sister
    -Respect for each other
    -Trust on each other
    -Help to poor
    -To see each and everyone at equally
    -Protect each and every life of the earth
    -Giving respect to each other country and religious

    So My dear brothers and Sister it’s our home Make it beautiful with our thoughts and acting on it.
    My Grandfather says that ” Respect, Peace, Trust, Non-Violence, Help, Truth are our fundamental duties and this duties is the way to live.”

    And i like this quotes which was given by OSHO whic might be you also like

    1. Never obey anyone’s command unless it is coming from within you also.
    2.There is no God other than life itself.
    3.Truth is within you, do not search for it elsewhere.
    4.Love is prayer.
    5.To become a nothingness is the door to truth. Nothingness itself is the means, the goal and attainment.
    6.Life is now and here.
    7.Live wakefully.
    8.Do not swim—float.
    9.Die each moment so that you can be new each moment.
    10.Do not search. That which is, is. Stop and see.

    Closely Thinks About First One.
    Mayur Citizen of the Earth.

  74. Bluebell says:

    Not all religions are like those that condemn people with no chance of redemption. Personally who really decides who is going to hell and who really has to the right to say that that person belongs there any way? Sure you have the catholic faiths where you spend centuries upon centuries writhing in hell paying for some little ‘sins’ you committed in your life, but there are countless other faiths that have no such things. Hell even reincarnation is the same way, you do badly you get turned into a lower class, but you don’t have to strictly follow any set faith :) I’m sorry if it’s a little brash but i just want to say that everyone could be right and every one could be wrong.
    Humans are creatures that depend on their tools as well as their ideals. That seems to be frank by all the replies made to Nonbeliever up above. Personally i felt it to be extreme to what he said and agree with pseudonym that there is more to our life than just what we perceive to be real. Being atheist, agnostic, pagan, Christian, or just plain crazy are all the same thing don’t you say so??? sounds crazy a bit and a little incoherent as well but my main point is that we are all right in our own minds, nonbeliever you can say as you wish just please don’t act as though you know everything about believing or not because you prefer to not believe. it’s all i ask of every one… if we could just get people to stop trying to push ideals on what things can or can’t be we wouldn’t have had ww2, the Spanish crusades or the KKK *to a lesser extent KKK because they do target different religions as well not just people of a different race* and any other big hoopla because of a belief that different people have.
    I think it’s just because I can’t seem to understand people that have no faith in something a little bit out there, fantasy is the spice of life after all. Just being able to sit in America and believe any of this. *DISCLAMER before people get on my case, I know that America is not perfect but I do enjoy being able to say that I am a Wicca and do not worry about being beheaded by the government* having these rights ensure you all to all of the ideas that you have as well as it entitles me to mine as well as the people who will disagree with my ideas as well  and I’m so happy about that because what is the point of hate? Hate is basically fear but instead of flight you fight. I’m not any person who has a diploma or any kind of paper saying I’m an expert in any form of psychology, theology, or any other paper on these subjects, I’m just a teenager living in a small town and I’m writing a paper on religious intolerance in the world because I’ve had people damn and chastise me for my beliefs.
    Adding into the conversation about what people who come back to life from a short time of death truly you are not brain dead right after your heart gives out. In fact your brain continues working while it starts to die from the lack of oxygen. I love to study theology and what might happen after death and this is common to all religions, not just Christians. On some accounts the brain lives somewhere between three to eight minutes. This proves that no matter who you are if you go through one of these experiences you will see what your subconscious wishes. Again I do believe in the Wiccan faith, I love worshiping nature in its whole and love to be in it.
    I would like to close my comment by saying thank you for reading and at least thinking about what I wrote above. It’s nice to get out a little rant every now and again and thank you for reading everyone’s comments above and below mine to get the full spectrum of what everyone brought to the table.
    P.S.- I seemed to notice that a lot of the people commenting on this question point out Christian faiths more than any other. 

  75. Stephen says:

    “And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

  76. Juanita Davis says:

    The truth about how the world was created and about God. God, which is Jesus Christ is the creator of the universe. It states in Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 2 And the earth waswithout form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. ( The spirit that is being mentioned here is the Holyspirit).
    God is not a man that he should lie. He is complete truth, there is no darkness in Him at all.The Word of God states that we either have the spirit of God, or of satan. We are either living for God or we are living for satan. People can and do have the choose to believe what they want. But the truth of the matter is, that there is only one true God ( which is Jesus Christ); everyone other god is a false god. Jesus is the only way to get to the Father, John 10:14 Jhn 14:6 Jesus saith unto him I am the way, the truth, and the life : no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. The word also states that anyone ought to be able to in the world and know that there is a God, there there is no excuse.
    So if you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then repent of your sins; and believe in Him and you can have everlasting life with Him. He is the only way! Also find a Spirit filled church somewhere and attend.

  77. Juanita Davis says:

    The Word (KJB) states in John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. ( Jesus Christ is the Word). If yoy notice that the Word od God states that Jesus was God in the beginning. Then God came down to be born in the flesh, as Jesus Christ; so that He could suffer and die for our sins on the cross. (Jesus had no sin at all). He was and is perfect.

  78. Uttam Jain says:

    Dear All,

    Jesus is not available now to take us to the god or instruct us, that how to reach god. For example a docter dead 1 second before will not cure any body or nobody can get any help from them. Like that one should search a available docter and get help from them. So the matter is everybody should be search for spritual master who will help them to reach god. Otherwise it is not possible to find god. We require help from others for all little matters in this world. So about the god one can help us who is able to reach the like Jesus. So it is requested to search a living true master like Jesus, for which the path of god may be obtained. If any body gets or finds the true master please share with me.

  79. islam is the true religion says:

    I am a true believer of Islam. This religion is one of the major religions in the world. It teaches us to believe in the one true god (Allah, سبحا نه و تعا لى) and Muhammad صلي الله عليه و سلم is his messenger. It is a religion that teaches peace, honesty and brotherhood even to none biological siblings, and so many other good and pure acts. It is a religion with all the answers which is very easy to understand. It is a religion that has answer and solid reasons to all its teachings. All the compulsory acts in Islam have benefits to man’s life which are mostly scentifically proven. It is a religion that talks about alot that will happen in the world even before it happens. It is a religion that makes u to get closer to your world five times daily. It is a religion that reveales god’s mercy. It is a religion whose book has remained untouched for almost 1500 years. Although it is conveyed as a terrorist religion by media. This is a judgement made due to the acts of misguided believers and not the text of the religion itself (qur’an and hadith). For more knowledge on this pure religion visit or watch videos of knoledgeable scholars like Zakir Naik and Ahmad Deedat. Or go to the nearest sunni scholar u can find.

  80. John anders says:

    If islam is the true religion,then why do they stone women, treat women like dirt and kill anyone who does not believe in islam. we should let who ever believe in what they want to believe, no one and i mean no one will make me believe in their religion, it is up to me to decide. In the end the only question for us all is” Did you get the Message!!”

  81. John anders says:

    “White Trash” you are not white trash you are exactly right in my mind.

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