How many types of mice are there?

Rodents are everywhere, and each environment. The mouse, known too many people tremble in the first place. Because mice are dangerous. animal most closely resembles the structure of human genes, but as a mouse. Group of vertebrate animals studied in the mouse small rodent animals. The shape is different from other creatures, feeding and breeding mice.

The biological structure of the mouse has a more developed animals.Human genes and    mouse is very important for people in total have 46 chromosomes in an animal in this regard.

Here are some well known types of the mouse:

1 Cotton Mouse
2 Harvest Mouse
3 Desert Rat
4 Flying Mouse
5 Mouse BIRD
6 Grain Mouse
7 Hamster mice
8 Mouse Forest
9 Grasshopper Mouse
10 Loir  (house mouse)
11 Voles
12 Blind Mice
13 Sewer Rat
14 Roof Mice

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