How many shades of Blue are there?

Blue is one of the main colors in the world. Technically blue is producing by light on the 450–490 nm wavelength. Blue needs an equal mixture of red and green lights. The place of blue is between cyan and violet in the color spectrum. Word’s origin is coming from French word “Bleu”. There are lots of languages that don’t differ blue and green and now in English translations of these words, term grue is using. Blue has a large usage area and it’s possible to find it naturally in lots of elements. But it’s hard to find blue in animals. Blue colored animals are mostly rare ones like blue frog. Blue is also one of the most shades owned color in nature. How many shades of Blue are there?


Today, they are 57 official shades of blue. Some of them are real dark shades of blue but light shades of blue are more popular than dark ones.

Electric blue is one of the most popular shades of Blue. It’s mostly known with the Aquarius’s astrological sign. Also it’s a shade that produces in the radiation tests.

Azure is another popular shade of Blue. It mostly refers the bright color of sky in a cloudless day. It’s mainly the color of azurite and takes its name from this mineral. It’s also known as the color of Lapis lazuli stone.

Celeste shade is the name of turquoise blue color. It’s one of the lightest shades of blue. Also Celeste name is using for the brightest sky after rain.

Ultramarine is also a popular shade of blue. It’s a dark shade of main blue. Ultramarine word has an historical story and word means “beyond the sea”. Also there’s a subcolor of ultramarine as electric ultramarine and it is between blue and violet.

Turquoise is a famous shade of blue and it’s very close to light green. Turquoise takes its name from an opaque mineral. Turquoise shade of blue has lots of deep cultural meanings in old cultures. There are some variations of blue like pale turquoise, dark turquoise and pearl mystic turquoise.

Midnight blue is one of the darkest shades of blue color. It represents moonshining night sky. Midnight Blue shade was famous on 30s with dinner jackets. It was the symbol of royalty and wealth. Also US Air Force use midnight blue in its uniforms.

Cyan shade of blue is also known as aqua. Cyan is a good mix of blue and green in high light. Cyan shade’s main usage area is pools. Because cyan is making the water more inviting and looking clear. Also gas like methane’s flame is cyan.

Sapphire shade is taking its name from precious gem stone with this color. Most important color usage of sapphire is Bombay Sapphire. It’s an alcoholic beverage and has a unique sapphire color. Also it has a religious meaning because in Bible, God sits over a throne in sapphire color in heaven.

Royal blue is taking its name and color from a competition held by British Queen. In this competition, tailors must tail a beautiful dress to Queen in a unique color. So this color of dress won the competition. Royal Blue today mostly using in school symbols and it means the deep and unique standing of school.

Also there are blue shades like Alice blue, Bondi blue, Iris and Prussian blue. Some blue shades are known as green shades. Also some color dictionaries refers blue shades like Electric indigo, Iris and Majorelle Blue as purple’s shades. There are some instituions today, specifying and naming color shades.

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