How many popular teen cars are there in USA?

It’s a big deal to give your child a car but it’s a must for college or high school students. Also it’s a way to say “you are grown up now and I rely on you.” Also if he or she is a student of a big campus university, it’s a primary need to catch courses. Today it’s very popular to give teen a car with an agreement that all expenses of car like gas or crash will be covered by teen herself. Against all this ultramodern ideas, all parents are choosing the car for their daughter or sons. How many popular teen cars are there in USA?

Chevrolet Sonic is one of the most popular cars for parents looking safety first. Features like electronic stability control, 10 airbags, cheap price cause of all American production and fuel efficiency making Chevrolet Sonic a very popular model. There are standard and 1.4 liter turbo versions of car but only a small part of parents buy turbo version for their children. $14,495 is the perfect price for an air-conditioned car. Main disadvantage of car for teens is its design. Teenagers want modern looking, cheeky and airy models but Chevrolet Sonic is not offering them.

Ford Fiesta is a classic and it’s cute enough for teens. Ford Fiesta also has a large security equipment list with features like driver’s knee airbag. Car took lots of awards from security tastes. Automatic driver control keeps driver focused on road and control her movements. Car is also offering features like SYNC that allows controlling voice of Ipod and other music players from wheel and these features can catch all teens easily. Ford Fiesta is an expert on fuel economy with automatic transmission but car is not covering the expectations on manual transmission.

Honda created Honda Insight after increasing number of car crashes in America making by teens. Honda Insight’s main mission is encouraging drivers to go slower than standard and holding a foot on brake always. Fans called the dash of car as “video-game-like” and car took good reviews. This hybrid car is working as a guide for fuel economy and giving some other important driving habits. Teens find the car enjoyable in drive and very easy to park. Disadvantage of car is high-MPG mission.
Hyundai Veloster is another popular car parents are giving to their children. It has a 1.6 liter engine. Features inside like iPod-compatible stereo and bluetooth speakerphone may catch teens but it’s not possible to say same thing for exterior design and speed. First of all Hyundai work hard to give a sport shape to Veloster but it’s totally a standard family car. Also efforts on fuel economy caused the reduced speed. It’s good for parents but not enough for teens. $18,000 is not a high price but it’s possible to find more cheeky models for cheap. After low sales, Hyundai announced a new model of Veloster with faster turbocharged but there’s no exact release date still.
Kia Soul is offering something more than box shaped small cars with its automatic transmission and electronic stability control. Kia made a commercial attack for Soul based on hamsters. Soul is offering safety in 1.6 liter engine but not more.
Mazda keep silent till legendary models Mazda 323 and Mazda 626 but new series is making high sales again
. Mazda2 is the small brother of 2012’s popular models Mazda 3 and Mazda 6. It’s one of the cheapest cars for teens offering air conditioning in $15,325 starting price. It’s hard to say Mazda2 has a perfect fuel efficiency but it’s hiding this problem with its high acceleration capacity for teen drivers.

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