How Many Languages Are There In The World ?

How Many Languages Are There In The World ?

Language is a very basic tool that provides communication between people. Language can be defined as a verbal, physical, and biologically innate communication tool. This is such complex, dynamic and special human ability. We need to know a language even to think. Human need that to express themselves, understand other thoughts, feelings and to share whatever they need. Without language, all people can feel loneliness. Since humanity has existed, language has existed too.

According to a research, all the needs of newborn babies have been eliminated but no communication has established and babies are close to death although there is no fundamental lack, except communication. This is so fundamental need to live. So we can understand that how a language is important. Animals communicate with each other too but it is different from the human language. Language can be spoken or written.

Every day, a new language can be produced and an old language can be forgotten. The world is changing very fast. Media and popularity affect languages too much. Over time, all languages are changed by many things so new languages can be produced in this way. All languages have some similar characteristics and very different characteristics too. For example, all languages have rules. If people pay attention to the rules of their languages, they do not abandon the language death that they have now. Also every day people can create new language too, our brain is so flexible.


Distribution of Language On Earth

There are almost 6.500 world languages and 7.099 spoken languages are there in the world. Of these languages, 90% are spoken less than 100 thousand people.

86% of people use European or Asian language.

Asians have 2.303 languages (32%). Africans have 2.146 languages (30%). Pacific has 1.313 languages (19%). Americas have 1.061 languages (15%) and Europeans have 287 languages (4%).

150 to 200 languages are spoken by more than 100 million people in the world.

Some countries have more than a hundred languages. Some of them are still useful but not everywhere. For example, Papua New Guinea has 840 languages. Indonesia has 707 languages. Nigeria has 520language and 7 of them are immigrants. India has 448 languages 6 of them are immigrants. The United States has 220 established language and has 127 immigrant languages. China has 229 languages. Mexico has 285 language and 5 immigrant languages. Cameron has 279 languages. Australia has 215 established and 44 immigrant languages. Brasil has 216 established and 11 immigrant languages.

Just 18.5% of languages are spoken over the world.

The most spoken language is Chinese. 1.3 billion people use this language.

The second most spoken language is Spanish. More than 400 million people use Spanis Language.

The third language and knowns as wold’s language are English. More than 360 million people speak English as their native language.

The next most spoken language is Arabic.

In Africa, 136 languages are dying, in Americas 335 languages are dying, in Asia 187 languages, in Europe 50 and in Pacific 207 languages are dying.


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