How many languages​​ are there on the world?

When asked how the language in the world where people, the answers are a little different. A random sampling of New York, “I guess a few hundred,” as were the answers. Moreover, even if their number is given the opportunity, was not close to that number they think. Baseline studies have shown that, over time, increasing the number of calculations, predictions are met. For example, the 1911 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, given the number 1000, but more than that number over the years to give the intruder. This deduction can result in a time of residue of the language of the world. Yet the growing number of languag

es​​, but speakers of the language knowledge of the regions remains a betimlenemeyen previously. Therefore not increase the number of languages ​​in the world reached to more information on the number of languages​​. On languages ​​in the world, on the basis of documents of pioneering many of the translation of the Bible were made by missionary organizations. In 1997, the 2197 Bible in different languages​​. Ethnologue reliable sources such as the organization, the world's languages ​​can be linked to large catalogs. Catalog and classify Etnologue detailed organization,6809 said that a different language.