How many atomic bombs were used on the world?

2 atomic bombs were used.

First atomic bomb – Hiroshima

The first atomic bomb on the morning of August 6, 1945 by the American bomber named Enola Gay, Japan, was thrown on Hiroshima.
In the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki three days later,  How To Make Him Text You Back was on August 9.
Hiroshima bomb attack; II. August 6th, 1945 at 08:15 hours in the final stages of of World War II theU.S. uranium-235 atomic bomb Little Boy Type (Little Boy) and themass murder carried out. In collaboration with the atomic bomb attack which took place on Nagasaki the only military nuclear attack. The Japanese way of life and movementin the U.S. before looking for more as they had decided that the time and detected the attack time of 8:15 in the morning. At the end of 1945 about 140,000 people lost their lives due to text your ex back

 the attack of the atomic bomb in  Hiroshima.

Second atomic bomb – Nagasaki

Nagasaki atomic bomb attack, the U.S. II. In the final days of  World War II bombing ofHiroshima inJapan, in this case. Bomb dropped three days later, on August 9, 1945(according to the record of 10:58 at the American record of 11:02 in Japanese time only), plutonium-239 type atomic bomb “Fat Man” (Fat Man, a official named Mark III) held thesecond massacre. The total population of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki 74,000 people died and nearly 240,000 people, 36 percent of buildings were totally destroyed. In 2007,according to officialmunicipality ofNagasaki, who was killed on or after the atomic bomb effect when the total number of deaths from 143.124


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