How many are art?

Fine arts
Arts in humans evokes the wonder and excitement. the arts, carpentry, blacksmithing, carpentry, such as, hand job, too, the Spirit and emotion on the arts.

İn the fine arts, academics on medieval art, and put in order. they are: consumables (grammar), grammar (syntax), scientific presentation (speech science fair), eloquence (beautiful science of language), on behalf of  philosophy, music, geometry Hendese) The Scientific Committee (astronomy) . but most of them, between science ceases to be enrolled and the fine arts. fine arts
1 – literature: a few nice words made art. Coca-Cola all the way into the poetry and prose.
2 – image: painting lines fat, juicy or dry on a floor by drawing and painting a beautiful art form. artist, a painter who is called the image.
3 – the sculpture is animated or imaginary beings that exist in nature, s

tone, clay, wood, mine is a matter of doing a three-dimensional through the use of these substances. those called statue sculptor.
4 – Department of Architecture is to make people to appeal to the aesthetic tastes. Winning works to be historic property, and temples. Mosques, palaces, the finest work of a civilization in the region. architects are called artists.
5 – music: the sounds of making art of melody. music, in many sections separated. Music composers is a musician.
6 – theater history, stage, recovery by the players, the art of representation. Today, theater productions, films, radio, television will take place. actor who plays the work of artists, the actress is called.
7 – the dance music made compliance with the rhythmic movements. There are many varieties.
Besides that, today, between cinema and photography in the fine arts out there that question.