How many types of finger prints are there?

Fingerprint fingertip skin, shapes formed by protrusions may be visible to the eye. The projections of the line of the outer skin (papilla) is called. Papillae is still sufficient for the identification of fingerprints. Again, traces of new skins and hides are the same as before. Papillae in the inner skin is completely lost, but then it would not be able to detect fingerprints, fingerprints, since in this case is completely lost in the folds.

Carefully examine the fingers, fingerprints, we see a lot of line due to a combination o

f different formats. Very short time since the fingerprints of people who know that in different ways.

Everyone, including identical twins, unique fingerprints. In other words, ID encoded by the fingertips of the man. The coding system used today compared to the barcode system.

The types of fingerprints:
1 A flat belt
2 Cone Belt
3 Lasso
4 Spiral (ring base)
5 Elliptical Centric
6 Twin
7 Mixed