How many nuclear power plants are on the world?

438 nuclear plants in 30 countries around the world are still using the reactor for energy production, has 42 nuclear plants under construction.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), depending on the installed capacity globally gigawaat 371000562 (GW), the 438 nuclear power plants, the country produces 30 percent of energy is 17.71 percent. In other words, 17.71 percent of the energy produced by the countries' nuclear power plants with a hundred is that the resulting plants.

438 nuclear plants in the world of consulting 272 (62 percent), the G7 comprises the seven industrialized countries. While the G-7 have no nuclear power plants in Italy, France 59, Germany 17, Japan 55, U.S. 104, 18 power plants in Britain and Canada 19.
In industrialized countries 272 6,365 MW nuclear power 254,000 worldwide, with an installed capacity of 438 MW 371 000 562 accounted for 68 percent of the energy is obtained. The seven countri

es are taken into account the country's total installed capacity in Russia, holds 74.3 percent of the clouds.
United States, the largest country in the world with an installed capacity of nuclear power reactor, and the position of the maximum. U.S.A, 23.7 percent of the 104 reactors of the reactor, with a total 438 percent, 100 000 with a total installed capacity of 583 MW to 27.1 percent percent holding.
World production of electricity from nuclear energy in France is among the countries that benefit most from. These 30 countries are France, the energy from 76.18 per cent of nuclear energy, while 72.89 percent of “second followed by Lithuania, with a share of luk.
Currently, 36,000,988 megawaat worldwide (MW) continue to be building 44 new nuclear plants. According to the data, Argentina, Finland, France, Iran, Pakistan, and a reactor in the United States, Bulgaria, Japan and Ukraine with two, 11 in China, India, 6, 8 nuclear reactors in Korea South Russia and 5 is under construction.