How Many Websites Are There on the Internet?

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How Many Websites Are There on the Internet?

There are 346,004,403 websites are there on the internet as of June 2011. Apache was the only major web server software to gain hostnames this month, with growth of 21M and nearly 2.2 percentage points of market share. The largest growth was seen at OVH, which gained more than 8.6M Apache hostnames. Large growth was also seen at Softlayer (5.6M), AmeriNOC (2.5M) and Hanaro Telecom (1.3M).

Among the other server vendors, Microsoft saw the largest loss with 1.4M fewer hostnames than in May. The majority of this loss was caused by VPLS losing nearly 1.5M hostnames.

Total Sites Across All Domains
August 1995 – June 2011

Number of Websites









Developer May 2011 Percent June 2011 Percent Change
Apache 203,609,890 62.71% 224,484,657 64.88% 2.17
Microsoft 59,646,778 18.37% 58,213,391 16.82% -1.55
nginx 23,850,265 7.35% 22,668,760 6.55% -0.79
Google 16,219,824 5.00% 15,958,106 4.61% -0.38



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  2. […] you happen to be an internet user, you may or may not realize how expansive the internet is. To me, 346 million is a large number of places to visit. You are bound to get lost, find yourself in a scary place and […]

  3. […] of today, there are over 350 millions websites on the world wide web (source: Howmanyarethere?). Even considering that only a small part of them are really active, the chance that someone else […]

  4. […] of today, there are over 350 millions websites on the world wide web (source: Howmanyarethere?). Even considering that only a small part of them are really active, the chance that someone else […]

  5. Sandeep Vij says:

    There are 7 Billion people on the earth now. 7 Billion is 1000 times 7 Million. 1 million is 10 Lakhs. Anyway, 7 Billion is 700 Crores. Let’s just assume that there is 1 website for every 100 people on earth (intelligent guess?). Therefore, there should be 7 Crore websites in the world. How’s that analysis?

    • Howmanyarethere says:

      Pls check the source and think about domain name. if you want to learn how many websites you must count domain names. Thanks for comment.

  6. […] a global lingua franca, English websites constitute 68% of the internet’s 346 million plus websites. That leaves 110 million websites in other languages. That’s a lot! Think of how much content […]

  7. Great information. I thought the total websites on the internet was one billion?

  8. dherr says:

    How many football fields is that?

  9. […] weekend I read a couple of articles about the number of pages and websites on the internet.  One article indicated there were 346 million websites in 2011, while the other said  there are about a […]

  10. dOMINIEL says:

    hi! how about in the year of 2012,how many websites?

  11. […] website links. I won’t even bother counting the digits. The latest data I could find on how many websites are there on the internet is 346,004,403 as of June 2011. Not links, just the websites alone. If you combine […]

  12. Thanks for the article. I read the above post.

  13. I am sure it is countless..

  14. […] many web sites are competing for that time? I asked and turned up 346M. What about mobile apps competing for those 94 minutes? Well, 400,000 Android apps was considered […]

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  17. Cartoonist says:

    Just how many of those websites are any good though? probably 50 million ish. If that

  18. anon13333758392 says:

    I wonder what they did to measure the the exact number of websites on the internet. It’s a well known fact that search engines only index a very small percentage of sites. Does it include hidden networks such as onionland and freenet?

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    Hi.. I bought a Domain from netfirms and after a short period I check that on alexa it was at 27,827,285 ,knowing that I remain website untouched only I installed Joomla script without any promotion, So I think 346,004,403 Number is Exaggerated.

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  24. Fantastic says:

    So how many websites are created each day.This is a big number.But times are changing and everyone is spending time on the internet than ever before.So who is making all these sites and which region has the most websites?

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