How many types of coffee are there?

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How many types of coffee are there?

The coffee is difficult to make but a good drink.The coffee, according to the preparation is 13 kinds of coffee.

• Turkish Coffee - only coffee with a variety of services
• Espresso-based coffee roasted dark in Italy is a specific type.
 Cappuccino - Espresso coffee and milk with added water vapor was changed foam(foam 2 inches or more).
• Caffe Lungo - the eldest called espresso. Espressonun machine used to discover for a long time.
• Caffe Americano - espresso added to hot water softened the form
• Caffe Latte - Caffe on Lungo'nun prepared by adding the hot milk. Coffee, milk 50% 50% or less.
• Latte Macchiato - espresso added to hot milk and milk foam on top is done. Basicallythe biggest difference of all other columns of coffee is not coffee with milk, coffee ismade ​​by adding the column

• Caffe Macchiato - Espresso coffee prepared by adding milk froth.
• Mocha - Latte'ye adding sugar to the chocolate powder and coffee.
• Viennese - Espresso is prepared by joining the Viennese chocolate and coffee cream.
• Coffee filter - an average thickness of filter paper is usually using ground coffee is filtered in a variety of coffee.
• The French press - Big brewing ground coffee the same name to your door in a metal filter is mixed with water and coffee prepared by the piston and a kind of filter.
• Coffee with milk - French filter coffee with milk. Milk is more than coffee. 1/3 coffee,milk 2/3 hot.


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