How Many Trees are there in The World?

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How Many Trees are there in The World?


The exact number is unkown ( realy diffucult to calculate it ) but we got some information about that:

The World have 9.5 Bilion acres of tree land (FAO Forest Resources Assessment 2010). And trees cover %29.5 percent of Earth Surface.

Everyday we are loosing 2740 hectars Tree Land :/ . And every second we are loosing 0.76 Hectar Tree Land :/ . The total number of trees in the world ; if we calculate it 4 Trillion 967 Bilion Tree we have. We need to save it fast.

How many Tree in the World

Because if we won’t save the tree we will lose All trees in 700 years. And the world will be without any trees.

Let’s share this information with another guys and we can try to save the world. Because the ending of the World is not so much far, if we countinue to loss the Trees on World.

6 responses to “How Many Trees are there in The World?”

  1. no name says:

    You cannot tell how many trees are there in the world! a new 1 could be planted every second!

  2. Thanks for your post…

    I’m very impressed with your writing style and hope to learn from it…

  3. Phil McCracken says:

    I wonder how many trees begin to grow every day. I mean there are only a few billion people on Earth and there are new ones born every second. There are over 4 trillion tees. How many trees are born every second?

  4. Scarlett Billows says:

    It’s hard to accept the veracity of these numbers, because the person who compiled them appears to be intelligent, but illiterate. “The world have…” “Loosing…” “tree we have…” “…countinue to loss the Trees on World.”

  5. Tom Kowalczyk says:

    I’m going to cut down every tree in the world and create a huge wooden dildo from them all, then I’ll splinter my sphincter.

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