How many Super Bowl championships of Dallas Cowboys are there?

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The Dallas Cowboys or Cowboys with their popular name is one of the wealthiest sport clubs in the world. They are playing in National Football League’s National Football Conference. Team is in the Eastern Division of National Football Conference. Team is playing home games in Cowboys Stadium in Texas. Their record in 20 straight winning seasons is remaining as unbreakable so they only missed two playoffs in this period. Value of sport club is estimated as $2.1 billion and they have averagely $269 million annual revenue. How many Super Bowl championships of Dallas Cowboys are there?

Cowboys won their first championship in The 1971 NFL season. Cowboys finished east group with .786 on 11 win and 3 lost. Then they beat Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers in playoffs. Final match was between Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins in Tulane Stadium. Score was 24-3. Nearly all players of Dallas Cowboys like Coach Tom Landry, Herb Adderly, Roger Staubach and Rayfield Wright became Hall of Famers in NFL history. Cowboys were famous for playing bad and lost in important Super Bowl games and it was the change of history for Cowboys. Cowboys broke various records like 41-interception return of Chuck Howley in fourth quarter and quarterback Roger Staubach’s rushes in 5 times for 18 yards on this match as some of them are still unbreakable.

Second Super Bowl Championship of Dallas Cowboys is in 1977. League made a controversial start that while everyone was waiting a Thanksgiving Day game of Dallas Cowboys, game is hosted by Miami Dolphins. It’s the last season Dallas Cowboys didn’t play Thanksgiving day match. Season is called as “Dead Ball Era” because average score was too low. Various offensive changes are made in the league after this season. Dallas Cowboys finished east group with .857 in 12 win and 2 lost. Then they passed Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings in Playoffs. Final match was between Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos. Final match is played in Louisiana Superdome. It was the first NFL game played and broadcasted in prime time. Doomsday Defense of Dallas Cowboys became a popular title after this final. Score was 27 to 10.
Dallas Cowboys waited for a new championship till 1992 NFL season. Hurricane Andrew was hitting America and it affected also NFL games. League started with big changes like instant replay removal. Dallas Cowboys finished east group in 1st with .813 of 13 win and 3 lose. Dallas passed Philadelphia and San Francisco in Playoffs and final match was between Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys. Final match is played in Greater Los Angeles Area. Legendary players like Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin played for Cowboys on this match. Score was 52 to 17.

1993 NFL season is the fourth season Dallas Cowboys dominated the league and win the Super Bowl championship. League again started with important rule changes. Also CBS lost broadcast rights to Fox. Dallas Cowboys finished east group with .750 in 12 wins and 4 lost. Then they passed Green Bay and San Francisco in Playoffs. Super Bowl XXVIII is played in Georgia Dome. Final match was between Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills. Final score was 30-13. All authorities agree that Cowboys can’t answer “no-huddle offense” of Buffalo but Cowboys scored 24 points and Buffalos couldn’t answer in match.
Last Super Bowl championship of Cowboys was in 1995 NFL season. In this season, league is expanded to 30 teams. Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers became new teams on league. Also lots of team changed their home. Dallas Cowboys finished east group with .750, passed Philadelphia and Green Bay in Playoffs and won final match against Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17.

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