How Many Search Engines Are There?

There are more than 30 search engines on the internet.There are kind of mojor , meta , P2P , forum, music  search engines and directories.

Well Known Search Engine List A- Z .

Altavista is well known first search engine Active since 1995.

Ask Ask Jeeves initially gained fame in 1998 and 1999 as being the “natural language” search engine that let you search by asking questions and responded with what seemed to be the right answer to everything.

Baidu offers many services, including a Chinese search engine for websites, audio files, and images.Active since 2000.

Bing s Microsofts latest facelift on the search engine that was first named MSN Search, then Live Search and now Bing. Bing is considered by most to take the third spot after Google and Yahoo in terms of search quality. It’s also third in search as far as market share is conserned.Active since 1999.

Blekko is a brand new “Google killer”.Active since 2010.

ChaCha is a search engine which specializes in a question answering service that uses a technique known as the human search engine. ChaCha was created by Scott A. Jones and Brad Bostic. The company is based in Carmel, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis, United States.

Dogpile is a meta search engine that combines the search results of Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask search engines.Since active 1996.

Daum is a popular web portal in South Korea, like Naver and Nate. Daum offers many Internet services to web users, including a popular free web-based e-mail, messaging service, forums, shopping and news. The word “daum” means “next” in Korean.

DuckDuckGo founded by Gabriel Weinberg, active since 2008.

Entireweb is a search engine founded in 2000 by the Swedish company AB.I like Entireweb design very much and using new technologies like blog toolbars.Active since 2008.

Excite was founded in 1994 by Graham Spencer, Joe Kraus, Mark Van Haren, Ryan McIntyre, Ben Lutch and Martin Reinfried, all students at Stanford.Today it is meta seacrh engine.It is collecting results from Yahoo Google Bing search engines.

Faroo is a P2P Search Engine. Peer-to-peer search, decentralized search, distributed search and grid search are just synonymes for the same idea. Traditional search engines are indexing the entire web into one centralized system. Requiring million servers and billions of dollars this does not scale. is a metasearch engine which provides results from leading search engines and pay-per-click directories, including Google, Yahoo!,, Ask, LookSmart, About and Open Directory.

Gigablast was founded in 2000 by Matt Wells to index up to 200 billion pages.Its power usage comes from wind energy.

Google is the worlds most popular and known search engine.It is also create a new word as googling.Google is the market leader and first site on the alexa ranking.Google is the revolution of the web .Google hosts and develops a number of Internet-based services and products and generates profit primarily from advertising through its AdWords program.The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, often dubbed the “Google Guys“,while the two were attending Stanford University as PhD candidates. It was first incorporated as a privately held company on September 4, 1998, and its initial public offering followed on August 19, 2004. At that time Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt agreed to work together at Google for twenty years, until the year 2024.Active since 1998

Go is meta search engine that powered by yahoo search.Active since 1994.

Hakia is a semantic search engine that organizes the results into categories looking at the search term from different angles.

HotBot is a web search engine launched in May 1996 by Wired Magazine. It is currently owned by Lycos.Active since 1996.

Leapfish combines the results from Google, Wikipedia, Digg, wikiHow, Answers, Amazon and Twitter to make an information page about your search term combining the media from many services.Active since 2008.

Lycos is one of the original and most widely-known Internet brands in the world, evolving from one of the first search engines on the web, into a comprehensive network of social media web sites that foster online communities. Lycos’s award-winning products and services include tools for blogging, web publishing and hosting, online games, e-mail, and search.Active since 1994.

Monster Crawler is a meta search engine founded in 1999 by several Southern Illinois University graduates.

Naver is a popular search portal in South Korea, with a market share of over 70%, compared to 2% of Google. Naver was launched in June 1999 by ex-Samsung employees, and it debuted as the first Web portal in South Korea that used its own proprietary search engine.

Omgili is a forum search engine that only returns forum threads in the results.

Open Directory (Dmoz) The Open Directory uses volunteer editors to catalog the web. Formerly known as NewHoo, it was launched in June 1998. It was acquired by AOL Time Warner-owned Netscape in November 1998, and the company pledged that anyone would be able to use information from the directory through an open license arrangement.Active Since 1998.

Scrub The Web is one of the oldest search engines on the internet with operations since 1996 and it’s also one of the few original search engines that stil maintains it’s own index.

Spezify is a totally cool new search engine that instead of the normal search result listing provides a flash based view that looks like you had pinned newspaper clips and photos to a board

Stinky Teddy Real-Time Gossip Powered Search  Stinky Teddy uses the latest real-time buzz from the web to get to the root of your search. By listening to others, he knows what you want.

Stumpedia is a personalized social & real-time collaborative discovery tool that relies on human participation to index, organize, and review the world wide web.  Stumpedia does not depend on automated bots, proprietary algorithms, or company insiders to make decisions on the relevance and ranking of search results.

Teoma was an Internet search engine founded in 2000 by Professor Apostolos Gerasoulis and his colleagues at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

WebCrawler is a metasearch engine that blends the top search results from Google, Yahoo!, Bing Search (formerly MSN Search and Live Search),,, MIVA, LookSmart and other popular search engines. WebCrawler also provides users the option to search for images, audio, video, news, yellow pages and white pages. WebCrawler is a registered trademark of InfoSpace, Inc.Since Active 1994.

Yahoo! Search launched as a directory is the eternal runner up always trailing big G with almost as good search results and a significantly smaller share of the search market. Yahoo has a lot of portal features in addition to search which sets it apart from Google in many ways.Since active 1995.

Yandex is a Russian IT company which operates the largest search engine in Russia (with 64% market share , ranked eighth-largest in the world  and develops a number of Internet-based services and products. The company’s mission is to give answers to users’ questions (explicit or implicit.Active Since 1997.

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