How many major groups in Christianity?

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Christianity is one of the biggest beliefs in world today. There are over 2.2 billion people believing to Christianity and calling as Christian. Christians believes Jesus as prophet and his name as son of God. Christianity firstly started to spread in 1st century. Middle East is the birth place of Christianity and this religion spread to world in a short period. In the middle age, Christians were a minority in Asia and Africa but then missionaries spread the religion to all over the world. Today, there are some main and small groups of Christianity. Their main belief is same but their practice and some doctrines are different. How many major groups in Christianity?

Today, there are three main group in Christianity. They are Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox. Catholic church’s head is Pope. There are over 2.000 groups in Catholic belief. Catholic Church today has over 1 billion people baptized and membered. Catholic Church tries to reconciliation of all Christian churches.

Orthodox is another group in Christianity. They are mostly known with the names like Oriental Orthodoxy or Eastern Orthodoxy. Orthodox Churches accept some ecumenical council like Ephesus but reject also some of them. Main reason that the Eastern Orthodox Church is opened is the problems with Western style Christianity.

Protestant is another group of Christianity. It started on the 16th century with the ideas of Martin Luther, John Calvin and Huldrych Zwingli. They separated from the main Christian group on Protestant Reformation.

There are also groups like Non-Trinitarian, Esoteric Christianity and others.

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