How Many iPhones Are There in the World?

The question is how many iPhones are there in the world and how many iPhone have been sold worldwide. The company sold 20.34 million iPhones as of July 19, 2011. The company sold 73,734,000 iPhones since 2007. So there are approximately 73 million iPhones in the world.

iphone ultra 4g concept

Number of iPhone Have Been Sold

Year  Sold
2007 1,389,000
2008 11,625,000
2009 20,731,000
2010 39,989,000
2011 20,034,000
Total 73,734,000

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4 responses to “How Many iPhones Are There in the World?”

  1. ffa says:

    Wonderful I like iPhone and i think it’s will increase soon

  2. Cassidy says:

    I just got my iPhone 4 today, and I love it! I had an iPod touch, so I pretty much know how to work everything<3

  3. J says:

    There are currently over 400 MILLION android devices activated…………..

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