How many girlfriends did Justin Bieber have?

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Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber became famous on 12. He firstly uploaded his music videos to YouTube than famous American talent manager Scooter Braun discovered him. He’s now a famous singer but also a worldwide pop culture icon. People like to see him on magazines and her girlfriends are always popular on news. How many girlfriends did Justin Bieber have?

Bieber’s girlfriends are called Biebex in America. There are over six girlfriends Justin Bieber had. His first known girlfriend is Shay Misuraca. They dated for over 2 years. Shay Misuraca was before Justin Bieber was famous and rich. They dated on Stratford, Canada where both lived before. Shay Misuraca and Justin Bieber’s love is thought as real love because they are still talking and they have a famous hugging photo on Justin Bieber’s “going away” night.

Next girlfriend of Justin Bieber was Caitlin Beadles. They met in Georgia. Then they dated for a year but Justin didn’t like to talk about this relationship. They broke up in 2009. Then Caitlin made a big accident in 2009 summer, they met again and dated for one year. In the second era of date, magazines believed that each other has strong feelings. So Bieber wrote some famous songs to Caitlin Beadles like “Never Let You Go”.

Next Biebex was Shahnaz Alamgir from Bahamas. Magazines thought it’s a promotional meeting but gossips about they spend the night together is then confirmed. Then Shahnaz wrote lots of tweets about Bieber.

He then dated with big girls like Jasmine Villegas. She was on Justin’s “Baby” music video and they dated for sometimes. Justin is dating now with Selena Gomez.

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    hi Justin u are amazing how a believe u got a lots of girlfriends

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