How Many Different Kinds of the Earthquakes Are there?

Did you see any striking earthquake in your neighbor? What do you think about the great earthquakes in the history of the world? What can be the possible solutions in order to prevent the earthquakes in the world that are possible in the future? Today we are going to make a short analysis about the different kinds of the earthquakes and we will give some specific information about them and more specifically we will analyze the possible solutions in order to prevent ourselves from the earthquakes. When we say the word of earthquake, lots of the different people can think different from each other because almost all of the people from the different regions of the world have different experience with the earthquake. In short, earthquake is a natural phenomenon and it occurs inside the earth and consequently it can be reason of the death of the millions of the people on the earth. When we look at the history of the world, it is possible to see that there are lots of the different striking earthquakes and we can see that millions of the people die because of those earthquakes.


. When we look at the whole world, it is possible to see for us that the most densely earthquake area in the world is the country of Japan. Almost every day an earthquake occurs in the country of Japan and because of this reason the Japanese people are taking the necessary precautions in order to prevent themselves and houses of them from the earthquake. In the other countries of the world, it can be possible to see those kinds of the precautions and it seems that in the future the governments will take the necessary precautions in the countries that the precautions are not taken yet. Now let’s look at the different kinds of the different earthquakes in accordance with the forms.


The Number of the Different Kinds of the Earthquakes

When we look at the forms of the earthquakes, we can say that there are 3 different types of the earthquakes and the names of those ones are like that: Tectonic earthquakes, volcanic earthquakes and the collapse earthquakes. The most striking type of the earthquakes is the tectonic earthquakes. When we look at the damages of them we can see that those kinds of the earthquakes kill millions of the people and correspondingly to this situation they can be the reason for the great damages on the buildings. On the other hand the other kin of the earthquakes are the volcanic earthquakes, those kinds of the earthquakes occur in the areas especially where the volcanic areas are very wide and they occur as a consequence of the volcanic eruptions. Another form of the earthquakes is the collapse earthquakes. Those ones occur in the areas where the lime stones are very widespread and the damages of them are not so much when it is compared with the other kinds of the earthquakes.


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