How many countries are there Dancing with the Stars broadcasted?

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Dancing with the Stars is the BBC’s one of the most famous dance show all over the world. In lots of countries contest is showed with local names. How many countries are there Dancing with the Stars broadcasted?

Dancing with the Stars is a dance contest consisting between stars and their professional dancers. Every weak contestants dance and judge gives score to them. Also in some countries people score with messaging or calling.

First country adapted Dancing with the Stars was Australia. There are 11 seasons of contest and now 12th season is current. Mel B from Spice Girls is the most famous Judge of Australian adapt.

Poland is also adapted contest with Taniec z Gwiazdami name.  Contest is now on the 14th season. There is famous singer Natasza Urbańska in the Judge.

Romania has 13th season of contest with the name of Dansez pentru Tine. There’s famous Romantic romantic comedy actor Ștefan Bănică Jr. in the judge.

United States is broadcasting show with the original name. Nicole Scherzinger was one of the celebrities danced in contest and famous actress Brooke Burke is the judge.

Contest adapted by over 35 countries. Some of the little changes are happened as countries’ local world. Contest made a big impact and lots of people went to dance schools for learning dance types. Also Dancing with the Stars effected millions of children started to dance on their school or local dance center in their cities.

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