How many child abuses are reporting every ten seconds in America?

Home Health, Human, USA, World 21 April 2012

Child abuse is one of the biggest problems of the World. Main problematic country is America. Every year millions of child abuses are reporting. It’s like an epidemic spreading all over the USA. Every day more than five children are dying because of child abuse in country. And %80 of them is under 4. How many child abuses are reporting every ten seconds in America?

In America, there’s a report of child abuse. It’s happening on all culture levels, lifestyles, all religions and all education levels. %90 of reports is about sexual abuse.

Abused children are also abusing their children when they are father or mother. It’s a cycle and efforts to break this chain are not successful since 1950s.

Prisons are full of child abusers. %14 of all American men prisoners are in jail cause of child abusing. Women child abusers are more than double of men. %36 of all women prisoners are in jail cause of child abuse.

Neglect is the biggest rate on child abuse. %78.3 of all abuses is coming from neglecting. Also physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological maltreatment and medical neglect are other abuse types.

Most of abused children’s are committing violent crime. %59 of abused children are arresting while juvenile, 28% of them are arresting as adults and %30 of them are committing crime.

%25 of abused girls is living the early pregnancy. And other sexual abused children are in the danger of illnesses.


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