• How many exercise for health of people?

    How many exercise for health of people?

    03 March 2012

    how to get your boyfriend back Increased heart rate during exercise, more blood is pumped to the body. Thus, the oxygen in the blood of our cells and tissues The amount is more intense. This increases oxygen and energy to fuel our bodies. If you are tired, exhausted, sluggish We perceive our blood exercise movements that we have to drain more quickly.

  • How many eyes of flies are there?

    How many eyes of flies are there?

    02 March 2012

    get your ex girlfriend back The fly can beat its wings hundreds of times per second. For this act, for the rest of the energy consumed by a hundred times more energy intensive. In this regard, a very strong creature. Because human metabolism than normal pace, and spend up to 10 times more energy. Moreover, for human consumption, such energy intensity to maintain more than a few minutes. However, the fly can beat its wings, the tempo and rhythm through out the half hour can travel more than one kilometer distance. The eyes of […]

  • How many types of mice are there?

    How many types of mice are there?

    02 March 2012

    Rodents are everywhere, and each environment. The mouse, known too many people tremble in the first place. Because mice are dangerous. animal most closely resembles the structure of human genes, but as a mouse. Group of vertebrate animals studied in the mouse small rodent animals. The shape is different from other creatures, feeding and breeding mice. The biological structure of the mouse has a more developed animals.Human genes and    mouse is very important for people in total have 46 chromosomes in an animal in this regard. Here are some well known types of the […]

  • How many calories in bread?

    How many calories in bread?

    02 March 2012

    Bread is one of the main food of mankind for thousands of years.Always the most important nutrients are used. The composition of thebread necessary for human health,  carbohydrates, proteins,minerals, vitamins. The flour is usually wheat or rye bread is made by grinding. White bread: white bread flour prepared. About 70 calories per slice

  • How many bacterias are  in the human mouth ?

    How many bacterias are in the human mouth ?

    02 March 2012

    About 600 different species of bacteria live in the mouth of a normal person. We are ammutual cooperation between these bacteria must. Plenty of nutrients for microorganisms we call the oral flora, such as intra-oral secretions and constant temperature conditions,are well adapted to live. However, establishing colonies from abroad, foreign and potentially harmful microorganisms proliferate and secrete chemicals that kill germs in the colony to establish a foreign place and they help the immune system.